Metroid Dread Raven Beak Boss Guide

Fighting any video game boss is difficult, and Metroid Dread is no exception. The player is introduced to a monster...

Fighting any video game boss is difficult, and Metroid Dread is no exception. The player is introduced to a monster known as Raven Beak at the end of the game in a horrific and morbid environment. When facing off against the Raven Beak boss in Metroid Dread, we’ll tell you what techniques you should be wary of.

Metroid Dread Raven Beak Boss 

It’s Metroid Dread’s final epic battle, and it will not be easy by any means. Raven Beak is a swift and powerful opponent with hard-hitting strikes that can quickly traverse the whole combat field, so expect your Flash Shift and Space Jump abilities to be put to the test.

This battle is divided into three tough phases, the first of which will provide you with a solid foundation in timing and how to defend against techniques that will return in the final phase.

Phase two, on the other hand, is the real kicker, with a whole new set of issues that can only be solved by plain old-fashioned practice.

Raven Beak Boss Phase 1

Coming into this initial phase will be intimidating since Raven Beak moves swiftly and has a variety of techniques that he isn’t afraid to use.

The first thing to look out for is his charging strikes, which are indicated by a reddish glow and a shoulder drop.

You don’t want to be struck by these or driven into a corner since he’ll trap you and do a lot of damage.

We want to maintain a safe distance here, so be prepared to juggle yourself into the air, whirling and dodging from one half of the arena to the other.

As much as keeping your distance allows you to fire your missiles and do damage, you must also be prepared for Raven Beak’s laser strike, which spreads in a vast arc over the whole arena.

As soon as you see this start, go in close to him, fire two rounds with your launcher, and then rapidly dodge back as his move stops, dodge as far as you can, then leap up into the air for good measure so he can’t charge you.

The next move to be aware of is a black orb that he fires in your way.

If it connects, it deals a lot of damage, although it moves slowly and is only useful for restocking your missiles. Shoot it four times to bust it open and get some restocks.

Raven Beak uses a lethal laser, so to be safe from this laser blast, quickly move to the morph ball to prevent this attack.

Keep firing missiles at him, and he’ll eventually stop and chuckle, inviting you closer with his hand.

Run at him and prepare to counter not once but twice, which will trigger a great little sequence in which you both go at it, with Samus ripping off a piece of his armor.

Now let’s move on to phase two of this epic battle.

Raven Beak Boss Phase 2

When Raven Beak acquires the ability to fly and blast missiles at Samus with his beam weapon, this is perhaps the most difficult phase of the final boss encounter with him.

However, after you’ve memorized Raven Beak’s attack patterns, you should be able to dodge almost all damage while steadily depleting his health.

The fact that this phase of the battle is so fast-paced, we recommend hitting Raven Beak with your normal beam or latching on to him with your storm missiles. During this phase, Raven Beak’s primary assault is to fire his beam weapon.

When he stands still and activates his laser sight, you’ll know he’s going to do something. To dodge this attack, simply use your space jump and flash shift to run circles around him.

During this segment, his second primary assault is charging at Samus.

You can dodge this by leaping above or dipping below the moment when he comes to a halt and locks on. With a good dodge, you’ll be able to get some bullets off on him here.

Raven Beak will occasionally smash down from above. This may be avoided with a simple flash shift, allowing you another opportunity to snap some photos.

The Final Phase

The last part of this fight combines all of the attacks from the first phase – luckily, there is no more air machinegun – and adds a big laser blast, which is easy to bait by jumping into the air and shooting him with missiles while you drop down and blast him.

A large golden orb that Raven Claw will shoot out is the other feature and an essential factor to your survival here.

Turn to Morph Ball and unleash a Power Bomb when you see this orb. This will break the orb and provide you with ammunition and healing supplies.

There’s no real trick to phase three other than repeating what you learned in phase one, keeping an eye out for that laser beam, and power bombing the golden orb whenever it arrives.

You’ll access the final cutscene after dealing with the orb a few times.

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