How to Defeat an EMMI in Metroid Dread

In this guide, we will be giving you some useful tips on how to defeat an EMMI in Metroid Dread. EMMI’s are the robot-like creatures that are added in the latest entry in the series.

How to Defeat an EMMI in Metroid Dread

There are seven EMMIs that are spread over the different regions. The players can get access to the powers that they possess by defeating them. So, let’s begin with our guide right away.

To defeat an EMMI, you must know how to escape from its tentacles by dodging it again and again to buy some time for you guys. This allows you to get ready for making attacks effectively during the fight.

How to Counter an EMMI

First, we will be guiding you on how to escape an EMMI. EMMIs usually are found in frosty areas. They live right at the center of these regions, so you need to go to these areas continuously.

When the EMMIs detect you, the entry point of that area will be closed. So, first, you should sneak in secretly, so they cannot sense your arrival.

To avoid giving away your location to the motion sensor of the hunter, you should make use of Phantom Cloak.

Also, keep in mind that if you move while the Cloak is active, it will drain out more quickly. So, try not to move while it is activated to avoid losing your Cloak quickly.

Anyway, the movement is restricted to some extent by default while the Cloak is active, but still, you need to be careful.

If you are forced to make a movement in some situation, then you can trade your health for a Cloak to keep it for a longer time. Now, the best way to escape from an EMMI is to ward off its attack by making a countermove. The robots will try to capture you within their tentacles.

So, whenever you feel they are going to capture you, just press ‘X’ to escape from their tentacles.

Make sure your timing while pressing the button is on spot to successfully get away with it. This will surely give you some time to move away and dodge the EMMI.

How to Kill an EMMI

The easiest way to kill an EMMI is to get a Control Unit, as they can provide you with Omega Cannons. These Cannons can help you fight the EMMIs and defeat them easily.

To kill an EMMI with the help of Omega Cannon, you need to target its head continuously until the armor breaks. You need to make sure that there is no delay between the shots, as this will undo the damage caused by the previous shot.

Now, this constant firing at the head will give you some time to recharge the huge blast, as the EMMI’s health will have dropped by a huge amount by this time.

So, move away to recharge the blast and target the red eye of the robot. This will surely kill the EMMI, and your task is finally completed.

We hope that this guide helps you counter and defeat the EMMIs completely. So, just get ready for a thrilling fight with this robot-like creature right away.

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