Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch Leaked by Portuguese Retailer

A weird listing has appeared online recently, one that we wouldn’t expect right now. Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch has been spotted on a Portuguese retailer website, including its box art and rating. Whether it’s a real listing or not remains to be seen.

The Metro Redux listing originates from GamingReplay, a Portuguese retailer with no other relation to hoax announcements or leaks. According to it, the Metro Redux Nintendo Switch edition will release on December 1st for 44.99EUR. Also, the game has a rating of 18, following the guidelines of the original collection.

Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch

Metro Redux is a collection of both Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light, both remastered and enhanced. The third installment of the trilogy, Metro Exodus released back in February with the studio, 4A Games, having no plans of releasing it on Nintendo Switch.

It’s not the first time we see such old titles release on Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console is flexible enough to make older releases shine again. Series like Darksiders, DOOM and Final Fantasy have released with success, paving the way for more to come. The release of Nintendo Switch marked a new way for developers to bring their best games back into the spotlight, with the Metro series being no exception.

On thing that should be mentioned here is that the game hasn’t been rated by ESRB for Nintendo Switch yet so even if the Metro collection is to be released on Nintendo Switch, it may still take some time.

What’s important is seeing who the porting studio for this Metro edition will be. If Virtuos or Panic Button Games have anything to do with it, then we expect the Metro Redux Nintendo Switch edition to be on par with what fans expect from a title of its caliber. That remains to be seen for now.

We do hope the listing is real and we get to see Metro Redux for Nintendo Switch getting a release. However, this is nothing more than a supposed leak. Take the news with a grain of salt and don’t start saving money yet.

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