The Power Of Xbox One X Will Ensure Metro Exodus Visual Quality Remains “Amazing”

Metro Exodus was showcased running on Xbox One X at Microsoft’s E3 press conference and developer 4A Games has been praising the console’s hardware and confirmed that Metro Exodus Visual Quality is as they saw at the conference.

Speaking with the Official Xbox Magazine in the October issue, 4A Games Executive Producer Jonathan Bloch praised the Xbox One X and detailed how the console is helping with their upcoming game, Metro Exodus. He also detailed how the footage showcased at the event was crafted and revealed that Metro Exodus Visual Quality is the same as they saw in the demo.

The power of the Xbox One X will allow to ensure the game looks amazing. The trailer was recorded in-engine from a gameplay sequence players will find later on in the game. We removed things like HUD, and Quick Time Events prompts, choreographed the playthrough and music to fit the needs of the trailer, but the game looks like what you see.

Metro Exodus was a secret until Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference and 4A Games has explained why they kept it a secret for so long. According to Creative Director Andriy Prokhorov, the studio did not believe that developing Metro Exodus was possible three years ago and that is why they kept it a secret.

Why have we kept silent for so long?. Because three years ago, we thought this game was almost impossible.

It’s really hard work, because [Glukhovsky] is very passionate in person. He’s always trying to get us to do more. ‘Let’s do that!’ Well, you know, it’s technically not impossible, but it’s just not possible. ‘But why?!

Also, 4A Games has revealed that the game is inspired by Stalker but, the game will remain linear and revealed that they aren’t moving away from the classic metro gameplay.

Metro Exodus in an upcoming first-person horror survival game in development at 4A Games and will launch sometime in 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: WCCFTech

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