Metro Exodus Trailer Reveals the Terrors of the Night

There are some things that only show their true faces when the sun goes down in the post-apocalyptic setting of Metro Exodus.

In a new trailer released at Gamescom 2018 earlier today, the lead character Artyom discovers a beautiful valley with his companions that is teeming with life. However, the excitement from coming across such a rare paradise in a decadent world is short-lived because the night reveals what terrors actually hide within.

They are soon running for their lives when corpses are found hanging from the walls, creep dolls scattered across, unnerving cult elements, and a deformed bear-like creature that is out for blood. If anything, the footage takes the best pages out of the Resident Evil franchise.

4A Games has until now been busy showcasing the much bigger and more open world. Such a drastic turn helps remind fans that it is not all sunshine and roses in Metro Exodus. There will be beauty to discover in the day but also terrible nightmares to face in the night.

It has also been confirmed that Metro Exodus will support the new ray tracing technology from Nvidia RTX. Expect the developer to reveal more details regarding this in the coming weeks.

Metro Exodus is scheduled to release worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2019. Those interested can start securing their pre-orders. Take note that an early adoption on Xbox One will give buyers a free copy of Metro 2033 Redux, the remastered version of the first installment in the franchise.

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