Metro Exodus Review Scores Paint A Good Picture, A Worthy Third Entry

Metro Exodus review scores are painting a picture of a very good game, even if there's no perfect scores among them yet. The game comes out on Friday.

Metro Exodus, the third entry in the series of Metro games developed by 4A Games, will be releasing on Friday, February 15, a week ahead of when it was eventually supposed to. However, Metro Exodus review scores are also coming out for it now, and they paint a good picture of a great game.

Metro Exodus continues the story of the Russian named Artyom, who has previously been on a quest to help humanity re-emerge from the dark caverns of the Moscow subway system. As he travels out into the newly-thawing wasteland on a gigantic Soviet-era train, Artyom will be coming across supernatural phenomena, horrific monsters, and small civilizations of humans of a variety of cultures, with various minor decisions to be made that will dictate what type of ending you get.

We don’t really know what the game will involve yet aside from what likely will be a series of encounters with monsters, bandits, and other human groups, but knowing the Metro games there’s likely much more to the story that we don’t know just yet.

So far, the Metro Exodus review scores are painting a very positive picture of the game. Most of the scores, while not perfect, at least net the game up to either 9 or 8, and even a 9.5 at its highest from AusGamers. Push Square gave the game its lowest score at a 6 out of 10, so there’s a good range of different opinions on it that likely come from various technical issues or personal tastes that reviews often feature.

Either way, the Metro Exodus review scores being so positive at least means that 4A is continuing their track record of making the games. The game will be coming out on February 15 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, but keep in mind that the PC version will only be coming out on the Epic Games Store.

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