Metro Exodus Endings Guide – Karma System, How to Unlock the Best Ending

Although it’s Survival of the Fittest, prioritizing your own life above others lead to all sort of disastrous endings in Metro Exodus that will create that urge of going back in time and changing your decisions.

Activities, both on the small and grand scale, matter to the ending you’ll be obtaining in the end. Let’s discuss more about these in our Metro Exodus Endings Guide.

Metro Exodus Endings

Although you won’t be held accountable to get rid of the mutants and beasts in the thousands, human lives matter and they certainly do when it comes to the endgame.

Often at times, as the turn of events in the story happens, you’ll encounter enemy factions.

Naturally, like humans, some enemy groups will have different philosophies and beliefs, so thus a different approach to the post-war world – therefore, not all are inherently evil!

Attitude with the Foes

Since these “Moments of Change” are tied to gameplay scenarios, it might be difficult to isolate them as contributing factors to the overarching narrative, but believe us, they are.

Therefore, when you’re pitted against foes that just want to survive, like your own group, you don’t always have to take the violent approach.

You can knock down enemies slightly but never go for the kill. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get their gear and any useful loot.

This is also true to scenarios when, after eliminating certain enemies in an outpost, the remaining combatants will surrender.

This is Metro Exodus presenting you with a choice so dismissing the situation bloodlessly and showing mercy, will count towards the Best Ending.

Conversely, erupting violence even when there’s an option not to, will take you ever so closer towards the Bad Ending.

Attitude with the Allies

These situations are a bit more prominent and comprehensible that they’ll have something to do with the ending, one way or another. Side Quests in the game will mainly deal with the interactions between you and your comrades.

These tasks involve fetching your allies a memento of the past as a favor. On a more serious note, you will be presented with the conundrum to either rescue your friend, Duke or forgo the crimes of Tsar Fish Cult Group.

Your first encounter with these cultists will be when their leader, Silantius, traps you in a church. Again, for this and any subsequent encounters, deal with the situation just by knocking out enemies to have a Positive/Neutral Morale.


In the end, when you face Silantius in a climactic battle, if you didn’t resort to killing the cultists, he will order his men to step down and both you and your friend, Duke will come out of the situation alive and well.

Channel your inner dictator however in those fights earlier with the cultists and Duke will take a gunshot or two at the hands of the enemy and you’ll have no choice but to leave him behind and continue on all alone.

There are more such events that deal with rescuing friends or changing their fate, but we’ve not reached that part yet and have only heard about that. We’ll update the page as soon as we receive any info, so be sure to check back regularly!

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