Metro Exodus Crafting Guide – Finding Workbenches, Crafting Materials, Using Backpack

If you’ve just gotten started on Metro Exodus, first, you’ll want to know is how to get around to crafting resources like Ammo/Armor Upgrades. How is the “Crafting Menu” accessed exactly? There are mainly two ways i.e. Artyom’s Backpack or at any Crafting Workbench. Workbenches serve as Crafting Stations for the player.

Metro Exodus Crafting

Crafting Tables aren’t very hard to find in Metro Exodus. The game’s world is littered with them for the player to keep using.

There’s always one on Aurora so whenever you go out exploring, you can always count on bringing your materials back there to craft.

The character’s base is also a guaranteed spot to find a Crafting Table. On certain levels that don’t give Artyom a base, you can always find a workbench littered around the map.

Another easy way to find Crafting Tables is by just following the story. The story brings Artyom to his base and main room – there’s always a Crafting Workbench in the main room. Therefore, you won’t have a shortage of these benches.

Finding Crafting Materials

Artyom will be making numerous trips to the surface in Metro Exodus. While the surface world has indeed been devastated and utterly rekt by the Nuclear War, there are three major types of resources you’ll be finding on your trips:

Medkits for patching yourself up, Mask Filters for restocking your oxygen supply in hard to breathe areas, and Ammo for shooting guns.

These ain’t your Crafting Materials though. Those come in two categories i.e. Metal and Chemical.

The most surefire way to acquire these materials is through the completion of missions. Otherwise, you can also find them in your regular exploration. Metal Boxes and other containers are definitely worth checking out as well.

Besides checking containers and corners, you can also find these Crafting Components on corpses of defeated enemies.

Crafting with your Backpack

Once you unlock your backpack in the game, it’s a good way to craft things like Medkits on the go. Accessing this feature is easy enough since it just requires you to use the Items Wheel and select the backpack from the bottom left of the screen.

Artyom gains access to the backpack after the lengthy intro of Aurora though. Therefore, patience is the key here!

How to Craft

Crafting itself is very easy once you gain access to every kind of it. Those being two i.e. your Backpack and a Workbench. The interface is easy enough to navigate; all you need is the right amount of components.

These components were listed above regarding how to get them. One thing I didn’t mention was getting Crafting Components for weapons such as Scopes and Stocks.

These can be found rather easily by dismantling weapons from enemies that have the components you need.

Regarding your gear like your Helmets and Armor Pouches. These can’t be upgraded by Crafting Materials.

Instead, they’re specific items that you attach. Such as Reinforced Glass for your Helmet or Ammo Pouches for your armor. As a few concluding tips:

  • You can conserve ammo by only killing enemies with headshots to use as less as possible. Another method is going for a stealthier approach in most scenarios.
  • You can preserve Medkits the same way. Another little tip is to avoid taking unnecessary damage like from falling a good height.
  • Moving much quicker in areas with deadly gasses will definitely help preserve your Mask Filters.

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