Metro Exodus Cracked In 5 Days After its Launch, Is Denuvo Even Relevant Anymore?

Seems like it’s getting easier for hackers to crack Denuvo DRM as Metro Exodus has been cracked within a week after its launch. To be exact the game was cracked just 5 days after its release.

Metro Exodus uses Denuvo 5.6 to protect it from piracy. But, the DRM has failed yet again with Metro Exodus being cracked. CPY is the hacker group who has cracked Metro Exodus. The situation has come to a point where the games being cracked isn’t a surprise anymore.

Metro Exodus Cracked

Metro Exodus isn’t the first game of 2019 to be cracked as Denuvo also failed other notable titles too. Resident Evil 2 remake was the first major title of 2019 to be cracked and RE2 remake was cracked within a week after its launch. The same happened with Resident Evil 7 when it launched in 2017.

When Denuvo was introduced, video games were almost impossible to crack. However, as the time passed hackers got the hang of it and eventually bypassed it.

With Denuvo becoming obsolete with the passage of time the company also changed its stance on DRM. According to Denuvo,  every game is crackable and the DRM is just there to protect initial sales. From the looks of it, the company is failing to even achieve that.

Our goal, and it’s still the goal, is to protect initial sales. Of course we would like to have it uncracked forever, but that just doesn’t happen in the games industry.

On the other hand, a lot of PC gamers despise Denuvo and don’t buy video games that use this DRM. There is a general consensus among PC gamers that DRM degrades performance.

While it’s true in some cases but overall Denuvo DRM doesn’t have an impact on performance.

However, Metro Exodus being cracked won’t have much impact on its sales. According to UK physical sales charts, Metro Exodus physical sales were 50% up compared to Metro Last Light.

Metro Last Last launched in 2013 and since then a majority of gamers have moved on to digital purchases. Metro Exodus physical sales being up is an indication that it was successful at attracting new players along with its longtime fans.

All of this despite developer 4A Games facing a backlash from the PC community over the game’s Epic Store exclusivity. A lot of PC gamers didn’t like publisher Deep Silver making the game an Epic Store Exclusive.

Following the backlash, a Metro developer even threatened with no more PC games if gamers boycott Metro Exodus.

But, the studio was quick to respond and assured that the developer doesn’t represent the feeling of the entire studio and they remain committed to bringing their games to PC.

Metro Exodus is a first-person survival shooter developed by 4A Games for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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