Metro Exodus Combat Guide – Best Combat and Survival Tips You Should Know

Our Metro Exodus Combat & Survival Guide will be focusing on all the high-paced content that is involved in Metro Exodus. Of course, this Metro Exodus Guide will also cover everything you may need to know to survive in the wild hazardous version of the Russian Federation.

Metro Exodus Combat

Metro Exodus’ Combat System is very similar to the previous installments. You have to survive. By any means possible.

Use either weird radioactive rations or burn rats to the ground and eat their burnt flesh: the world of post-apocalypse is a harsh one. There is little or no hospitality for the weak.

Metro Exodus’ difficulty must not be underestimated, like, ever! Anyways, here are some things that will definitely help you survive better in Metro Exodus. Without further ado, let us begin:

1. Learn to Run In the Shadows

Most of the creatures in Metro Exodus move in broad daylight except some very dangerous monsters. Therefore, using the night as a cover to move through the world is greatly recommended.

Of course, you can also use this chance to slip past and do some side quests that require the shades of the night.

Anyways, learn to fight through the shadows, use stealthy weapons, and you will have a higher rate of success in your missions. In addition, you might even return unscathed.

Be careful though, some creatures are really active during the nighttime. An example is that Teddy Bear retrieval Side Mission that you get from Nastya.

Oh, and if you’re running through the night light, be sure to increase your screen gamma to a number that allows you to see everything without a problem.

Oh, and Bandits basically clog up the windows and doors during the nighttime. Therefore, if you think it’s a good idea to shoot up some Bandits camps during the night, you may want to think again.

2. Grabbing Whatever Crap You Find

No, seriously, grab whatever you find! There is a long list of things that are important for survival, but the most important of those are Gas Masks and Bullets/Ammo.

Ammo is scarce in this post-apocalyptic world unless you’re willing to endanger yourself on some clunky, risky paths.

There are different types of Ammo for different types of guns, but pick up whatever you can find. It will carry over after each quest/mission.

Gas Masks are also a very integral part of surviving in the wild. If you are a long-time fan of the Metro universe, you will know that the game is set after a nuclear apocalypse.

If you go outside, out in the open, without a Gas Mask, you will die of radiation exposure. And that isn’t a very easy death.

Gas Masks, though rare, can be found almost anywhere. You will see yourself running out of Gas Masks before long, so be sure to pack at least two or three times the amount you think you may need.

3. Learn to Use Safehouses

Safehouses are a perfect place to rest up and shift between day and night after a long day of struggle and fighting. You can also use the Safehouses to *repair/polish/clean your weapons*.

There are several Safehouses located in the world of Metro Exodus. If you are having any issue finding the Safehouses, be sure to open up your map. The map is marked with the Safehouses’ locations.

4. Polish Your Weapons Frequently

As you use your weapons, they will wear & tear. Heck, even if you are not using your weapons, if you have them equipped, they will get dirty.

You will have to polish & clean them if you want them to stay in their top quality. Dirty weapons may get jammed and prove to be your Achilles ’ heel in the dire time of need.

To polish your weapons, you can use a workbench. *Workbenches can be found* on the train that you may use to travel from one place to another or even in safehouses.

Once again, Safehouses are an important place, so be sure not to miss them. Do note that you will need Chemicals to repair your weapons.

There is plenty of Chemicals to be found in this dystopian world, so go crazy! For cleanliness is a necessary part of the human lifestyle.

5. Configure Your Weapons and Armor However You Wish

Whether you wish to make a handgun a Sniper Rifle or a Machine Gun a massive bullet-hell-inducing piece of the arsenal, Metro Exodus provides a whole variety of customization for each of your weapon.

There are tons of *equipment items for each weapon* including Silencers, Barrels, Sights, and much more!

You can access this menu on the trains where you can enter your backpack to change and modify each of your weapons. Of course, not only weapons but also armor can also be modified.

You can modify your vest to be more bulletproof or add resilience to physical damage; equip a compass for easier navigation, or just something entirely dumb and suspicious.

6. Learn to Forgive

The post-apocalyptic game of Metro Exodus is not very forgiving when it comes to surviving. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t forgive other characters.

If you come along some enemies who think that you are better than them, they will lower their guard and throw their weapons. You can either shoot them in the head or… forgive them.

Of course, a little good thing goes a long way. This entirely applies to the world of Metro Exodus too. Learn to forgive, be a good player and karma will hit you. In a good way!

But yeah, if you want to go the other way, we are not ones to judge or flame you. You are entitled to play however you wish.

Anyways, thanks for reading this article. If you wish to check out more information on Metro Exodus articles, you visit our Metro Exodus Guides page.

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