Metro Exodus Beginners Guide – Karma Points, Maintaining Equipment, Survival Tips

Our Metro Exodus Guide will help you with all of the tips and tricks that you need to know while playing the game. These will greatly help you navigate through the game and will elevate your gameplay experience. The world of Metro Exodus is harsh. Learn how to survive mutants, find equipment, scavenge, and complete missions using our Metro Exodus Beginners Tips.

Metro Exodus Beginners Guide

Metro Exodus is a linear game like its predecessors that also gives way to new features in the game. Being a survival game, going from point A to point B can be difficult.

There are a lot of obstacles along the way that players need to overcome to get to the end. Here are a few tips and tricks for beginners in Metro Exodus to make the in-game experience better.

1. Use Silenced Weapons
Stealth is recommended in Metro series and Metro Exodus is no exception. Use of Silenced Weapons is important in stealth as using non-silenced weapons will alert enemies nearby and you might get overwhelmed.

2. Contently Check Journal
On the back of the map is Artyom’s Journal which you need to check frequently. The Journal has useful information regarding your next objective and its location.

The Journal reveals the circumstances that Artyom will be facing during his mission so you can prepare accordingly.

3. Always Aim for the Head
Ammo in Metro Exodus is scarce like the previous entries in the series. Therefore, stealth is recommended, however, if the situation comes to a shootout then aim for the head to conserve ammo.

4. Keep your Karma Points in Check
Metro Exodus has an invisible Karma System that keeps track of your good and bad deeds. It means if an enemy surrenders and you kill him, the screen will become a bit dark and you will hear audio notifying that the game has taken notice of your action.

The same goes for the good deeds in the game and will impact *Metro Exodus Ending*.

5. Use Binoculars to Scan New Areas
Each time you visit a new area use your binoculars to scan points of interests. Your main objectives automatically appear on your map but the rest you have to scan and take note of them. Binoculars will mark places that you can explore in each area.

6. Keep an Eye on your Bracer
The bracer is your wristwatch that points in the direction you should be going. Therefore, keep an eye on it to see where to go next.

7. Sleep to Change Time of Day
There are players who prefer daylight in video games. Unlike previous games, Metro Exodus features a full day/night cycle. If you are one those who don’t like to roam around in the dark, just sleep and change the time of day.

8. Use the Night Creatures to your Advantage
Metro Exodus has a full day/night cycle. During the day, players have to deal with both bandits and monsters. However, at night, the bandits go to sleep and there are more creatures to deal with.

However, you can use these night creatures to your advantage. Sneak up to an enemy outpost and make sure you are not seen, you can use Molotov/Grenades to startle bandits and monsters nearby.

Again, make sure enemies or the monsters do not see you. Eventually, both parties will start fighting with one another and only one side will prevail.

9. Not all NPCs are Hostile
Metro Exodus features a hostile world but not everyone in the game’s world is hostile. Throughout the game, you will run into NPCs who are passive and won’t attack unless you cause trouble.

Basically, make sure the NPCs are hostile before opening fire at them. Use your reticle to differentiate between hostile enemies and non-hostile ones.

You can also holster your weapon while approaching them. This will let the NPCs know that you come in peace.

10. Clean your Weapons Regularly
Use your Workstation to *clean your weapons* and *craft items*. If you don’t clean your weapon, it will degrade its performance as the time passes.

11. Once you Move on, You can’t Return
Players will visit a number of location throughout their journey. However, once you move on from one location to another you can’t go back to visit the previous ones.

Make sure you have explored the location thoroughly before moving on to the next location.

12. Explore the Train
While you are on the train, explore it and talk to your companions. This will let you know your crew better. Also, listen to the radio, as it will fill you in of the current affairs.

13. Grenades and Molotov Aren’t Effective Enough
In video games, when players are stuck in a corner, they can use Molotovs or Grenades to get out but not in Metro Exodus. Grenades and Molotov aren’t that effective in the game.

These can be better used as distractions but can’t be relied upon in combat.

14. Your Actions Determine the Fate of your Companions
Throughout the game, players will come across points where they make a choice that will determine the fate of their companions.

If you are looking for a good ending and want your companions to survive then try to shed as less blood as possible and deal with the enemies quietly. These actions will also have an impact on the games ending.

15. Shoot Armored Enemies in the Leg
Players can’t really stealth kill armored enemies. If you happen to get into combat with these ones then you need to target their kneecaps from behind and it will do the job.

16. Eavesdrop Reveals Important Info.
Eavesdropping can be really helpful as it will reveal some new information that you didn’t know before and might help you with the situation at hand.

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