Metro 2033 Redux Listed on Amazon, Coming Out on August 28?

Amazon has listed Metro 2033 Redux, the remastered edition of the popular franchise on their site alongwith price and a release date.

The game is priced at $50 along with its promotional Box Art, which is yet to be finalized, and an August 28 2014 release date. Earlier, an italian site had also listed the game along with its Box Art but pulled it down.

The images had mentioned a Day 1 DLC token, soundtracks, art cards and a limited edition packaging which could mean a special edition of the game might be in the cards.

Following the leak, publisher Deep Silver decided to come clean and confirm the rumors as well as explain how the box-art is actually from an internal development presentation and that the it doesn’t properly convey the game. They further stated that the game is not ready to be revealed just yet but it will be officially announced around this year’s E3.

So how many of you are eager to see Metro 2033 on Xbox One and PS4? State your opinions in the comments section below.

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