Metro 2033 Movie In The Works, Directed By Dmitry Glukhovsky, Coming 2022

A Metro 2033 movie is in the works, according to a recent announcement by film director Dmitry Glukhovsky. The movie will be based on the original books, rather than being based on the games that people outside of Russia may be more familiar with. Filming is set to start in 2020.

There have been various rumors and other bits of news about a Metro 2033 movie before, mainly in that executives wanted the series to instead be set in Washington DC, an entire world away from the original books and games’ setting of Moscow.

That idea was scrapped, but now it seems like Glukhovsky and the studio are happy with the script that they’ve gotten since and are ready to begin preparations to actually film it. This includes casting, though we don’t exactly know who will play what role yet.

Glukhovsky may end up going with some newer, younger, less famous talent than a big Hollywood star, citing how when you watch a movie starring Bruce Willis you think more of Bruce Willis rather than the character he’s supposed to be playing.

However, he has joked somewhat in the past about a possible casting choice: Ana de Armas, who played Joy in Blade Runner 2049, might be his choice to play the lead female character in the movie, though casting again isn’t finalized yet.

The movie’s official announcement was preceded by a Russian TV network’s Twitter posting various cryptic tweets that referred to Moscow’s metro system, where the vast majority of the books and games take place. This included various geological coordinates to three stations in the network.

While it’s a fairly dark book, Metro 2033 likely won’t be R-rated, though until the movie actually comes out, who knows if that will be true or not. Either way, the Metro 2033 movie will becoming out January 1 of 2022, if the release date holds true.

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