Metal Slug X Coming to Steam Next Month

The popular title of late 90’s Metal Slug X is making its way to Steam and it will allow the players to play in three different modes available in the game.

The Steam version of the game will feature:

Arcade Mode:  Play through the 6 original missions

Mission Mode: Play through your favorite missions or train by yourself or with a friend

Multiplayer Mode: Connect to Steam and play with friends or a random comrade through the story

Leaderboards: See where you stack up in the Metal Slug X

Originally, the game was released in 1999 by SNK and gained a lot of popularity among the gamers due to its simple yet fun gameplay.

This Steam version of the game will only work on operating systems that have come after Windows XP, so if you are one of those people using Windows XP or any other previous OS, then you will have to move to a newer operating system.

Metal Slug X will find its way to your computers on 7th of October through Steam at the price of $7.99. So, if you want a trip down memory lane then you should not miss out on this one.

Are you looking forward to get Metal Slug X via Steam?

Contributor at SegmentNext.