Metal Slug 3 is on Steam for Closed Beta

Looks like some of the folks at SNK wish to further milk some of their old games. For our own good though, the game that they have decided to put up on the largely popular Steam website is Metal Slug 3.

It has also been announced that the game is now in a closed beta period. All you need to do is ask SNK for a code through their Twitter or Facebook. The Closed Beta announcement reads:

“We are pleased to announce that we are currently running a “Closed Beta” for Metal Slug 3. If you’d like a key, be sure to “Follow” us on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook! Alternatively, make some noise here!”

The “closed beta – bug reporting/feedback” section has been put up for your insights into the game, which of course is the prime reason for the Metal Slug 3 closed beta in the first place.

Not that you will need telling but Metal Slug 3 is a classic 2D run and gun action shooting game that still engulfs millions of fans to its gameplay. It has been regarded as one of the most highly praised titles among the Metal Slug series.

Once you get the game, you will get the Arcade Mode, Mission Mode and Online Mission (multiplayer) Mode along with leaderboards and the usual gallery.

Requesting a code then, aren’t we?

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