Metal Gear Survive Gameplay Shows Weapons, Traps, And Obstacles

A new trailer showing off some Metal Gear Survive gameplay has been released onto Twitter, showing off the number of weapons and traps that you can make to keep your base safe in Konami’s controversial zombie survival game, which comes to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on February 22 of 2018.

Metal Gear Survive is the controversial “next” Metal Gear game that Konami is making, and will be taking survivors of the original Diamond Dogs mercenaries into a parallel dimension where they find themselves under attack by zombies, and must now fight to survive in this strange new world.

The game was immediately unpopular from its announcement, as many Metal Gear fans were still sore over Konami and its horrible treatment of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions. This treatment saw not only the end of Metal Gear and the release of The Phantom Pain as an incomplete game, but also killed Silent Hills, the next Silent Hill game that had Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, and horror manga artist Junji Ito working on it together.

The Metal Gear Survive gameplay appears to be textbook Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay, as players collect resources, lay out traps, and can also stealth-kill enemies by sneaking up on them. Various new weapons have also been seen, such as a bow, which will likely help with stealth.

However, no matter how good it looks, sales from the game may suffer considering Konami’s bad reputation. Even Hideo Kojima, who is responsible for the Metal Gear series, has criticized the game for its supernatural elements along with other fans knocking the game for its departure from the normal Metal Gear fear.

All of that, plus the gaming public being somewhat sick of zombie games, might contribute to the game being a failure no matter how much Metal Gear Survive gameplay they show. Either way, we’ll have to see on February 22 when the game releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.