Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Turned into an 80’s Tv Show

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is set in the 80s where a private army is created by Big Boss after waking up from nine years-long coma. The game released in 2015, but if we were in the 80s, someone would have definitely tried to turn The Phantom Pain’s script into Tv show.

It’s not going to happen now, but a very creative YouTuber has turned this game into an 80’s TV show using footage from the game. Here is a description of the video and the TV show itself.

The D-Dogs is an American action-adventure television series, running from 1984 to 1985, about a fictitious former private army who, after being almost completely wiped out by rival company XOF, returned nine years later to work again as soldiers of fortune.

After two successful seasons, the show was abruptly cancelled due to showrunner Hideo Kojima’s removal from the project.

Really cool stuff, MGS as a TV show isn’t a bad idea, but I doubt Konami will go for it. The turns and twists would definitely make it a very enjoyable show though.

Would you support the idea of MGS as a TV show if Konami goes for it? Who would you like to play the role of Big Boss in “The Phantom Pain” show?

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