Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Side Ops and Extra Ops Missions Guide

There are four Side Ops missions in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes with different sets of challenges, objectives, and rewards. In order to unlock these missions, you need to complete the Ground Zeroes main mission.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Side Ops and Extra Ops

As for the Bonus Missions, you need to find all XOF Patches in the game.

The missions included in the Side Ops are:

  • Eliminate the Renegade Target
  • Intel Operative Rescue
  • Classified Intel Acquisition
  • Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements

Eliminate the Renegade Target
This mission requires you to get inside a military base and taking out two high-value targets. It is recommended that you do not kill anyone else other than the targets to score a S rank.

Your first target codenamed The Eye will be constantly moving around the map in a jeep with another soldier. You need to head over to the West side of the map to get to him. From there, the target makes its way to the Prison Camp.

Your second target codenamed The Finger will also be on the move and his route starts from The Administration Building and ends at Warehouse Area near East Refugee Camp.

To get the Depth Achievement/Trophy, you need to get them to the extraction point without killing them. This can be done by a non-lethal knockout.

Intel Operative Rescue
Your primary objective in this mission is to get to a high-value target followed by escaping the Mother Base in a chopper.

You will be providing cover fire to the target (in jeep) from a helicopter. The enemies are very easy to kill but, after reaching the helipad, the target’s jeep will crash and you will have to extract him on foot.

After getting down, you will face some resistance in the form of an APC which can be destroyed with relative ease (look for several rocket launchers on the base).

After you have done so, head over to the helicopter and complete the mission.

In order to complete the Optional Objective, you need to eliminate the targets by using the non-lethal URAGAN-5 Pistol. This will also net you Pacifist Achievement/Trophy.

Classified Air Acquisition
As soon as the mission starts, head over to the left and take out the 2 soldiers using your Stun Gun. After that, climb the Watchtower and signal your contact using the Spotlight. Make sure to mark him and the soldier walking by him.

Once your targets have reached their location, take out the soldier first and then interrogate your contact to know the location of the tape.

Head towards The Administration Building and disable the CCTV Camera and cutting the Power Supply of the building. Next, head over to the Watchtower, grab the tape and, get out.

After you have acquired the tape, head over to the Extraction Point to complete the mission. And in case, you want to earn the Infiltration Achievement/Trophy, head over to the bed of the truck parked inside the Warehouse.

Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements
This mission requires you to destroy the US Military Attack followed by escaping the area in a chopper.

You will see three AA Guns in the base and you need to destroy at least three of them to complete the mission. Your movement matters a lot during this mission as the positioning of the guards is completely random.

Also, make sure to destroy the AA Guns using the C4s and not the Grenades. Once you have done that, reach over to the Extraction Point to complete the mission.

Deja Vu
This mission requires you to recreate several scenes from the original Metal Gear Solid followed by answering a quiz about the game.

Scene #1 – Gunship
Get to the Helipad and take cover behind the large electrical generator. You need to make sure to move slowly so that the soldier does not see you.

After doing so, peek out to see the helicopter and recreate the scene.

Scene #2 – Search Lights
Climb up the ravel from the courtyard of the The Administration Building and take out the soldiers. After that, position the Search Lights in such a way that the Item Box is in the dark. Then go down and open up the box.

Scene #3 – Surveillance Camera
From the Helipad, head over to the drainage vent from where you received an XOF Patch and take cover behind the large container followed by peeking out to see the camera.

Scene #4 – Moai
Head over to the Boiler Room of The Administration Building and find the Moai Statue near the north side of the area.

Scene #5 – Tank
Get your hands on some Grenades and head over to the West Refugee Camp and toss a Grenade in the opened hatch of a vehicle to get this scene.

Scene #6 – Liquid
Hijack the jeep located in the centre of the Helipad and drive beneath the Overpass to get this scene.

Scene #7 – Mantis
After getting the ‘Hideo’ screen, speak with Miller and go to the courtyard of The Administration Building and cut off the power to complete this scene.

Q: MGS1 featured Solid Snake infiltrating which island?
A: Shadow Moses

Q: The remote-controlled missile is known by which nickname?
A: Nikita

Q: Who did you need to call on the Codec in order to save your progress?
A: Mei Ling

Q: The Next-Generation Special Forces who took part in the uprising with FOXHOUND were given what treatment?
A: Gene therapy

Q: On which floor of the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building was Otacon’s lab located?
A: 2nd Floor Basement

Q: What was the Cyborg Ninja’s True Identity?
A: Frank Jaeger

Q: Before being called back into action for the mission, Snake lived in Alaska as a…?
A: Musher

Q: What was the maximum load of the elevator in Communications Tower B?
A: 650 lbs (300 kilograms)

Q: What type of storage media did the ArmsTech president give Snake?
A: Optical Disk

Q: What is the title of the ending theme?
A: The Best is Yet to Come

Hard Mode Quiz

Q: What did Snake call Otacon’s love for a certain female character?
A: Stockholm Syndrome

Q: When Otacon visited Snake at his cell after he was captured, he gave him what level of security card?
A: Level 6

Q: Which boss character was NOT a member of FOXHOUND?
A: The Cyborg Ninja

Q: What was the name of the studio (later renamed Kojima Productions) that developed MGS1?
A: KCE (Konami Computer Entertainment) Japan

Q: Who did Otacon fall in love with in MGS1?
A: Sniper Wolf

Q: How did they censor Johnny Sasaki’s privates in the U.S. release of MGS1?
A: Pixelization

Q: Snake attempted to give Meryl a handgun of what caliber?
A: .45

Q: After escaping the base, Snake and Meryl encounter a family of which type of animal?
A: Caribou

Q: In total, how many prototypes of the stealth camouflage did Otacon build?
A: 5

Q: What did the ‘P.A.L.’ in ‘P.A.L. Key’ stand for?
A: Permissive Action Link

Jamais Vu
The Xbox Version of the Bonus Mission is called Jamais Vu which allows players to play as Raiden from MGS 2 and Revengeance.

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