Metal Gear Solid Remakes Rumors Heat Up, Konami Allegedly Outsourcing MGS

The possibility of seeing Metal Gear Solid remakes has been toyed in the past year through numerous rumors. That rumor mill has now churned up something new alongside further speculations to have fans cross their fingers in hope.

Taking to ResetEra last week, well-known insider KatharsisT claimed that there are in fact “several” Metal Gear Solid remakes in the pipelines and not just a remake of the first installment in the franchise as suggested by previous rumors.

Incidentally, around the same time, a new episode of the H.A.M Radio Podcast series reported that based on a reliable source, Konami has been looking to outsource the Metal Gear Solid license for some time now.

It is worth noting that Sony Interactive Entertainment was previously rumored to be working with Konami on potential Metal Gear Solid remakes. Most recently though, Microsoft was said to be in talks with director Hideo Kojima for an Xbox publishing deal. Kojima, the Metal Gear creator himself, being the common factor here either way could be of significance.

If the new claims were not enough, a mysterious Twitter account surfaced recently which has been pretending to be a character from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. While that suggests nothing, fans are hoping against hope that the account in question is actually teasing an upcoming announcement; which further ties up with another rumor about a new Metal Gear Solid collection in the works. If the stars align, that same collection could be the rumored Metal Gear Solid remakes for current-generation consoles and perhaps PC.

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