Metal Gear Rising Easter Eggs Guide – How To Find

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has been released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game features very high paced action and drama. However, among the seriousness and the gravity of the situation, there are goofy eastern eggs strewn all across the game.

As you can imagine most of these Easter eggs have something in common with the Metal Gear Solid series. We have written this guide in order to help you locate all such Easter eggs present in the game.

Card Boxes
In all the Metal Gear Solid games that came out before this game, Solid Snake had a habit of hiding in card boxes from his foes. Throughout the game, you will find multiple soldiers hiding in card boxes.

Upon finding them, either Raiden or his accomplices will offer up a witty one liner. To know the exact location of all the soldiers hiding in the card boxes throughout the course of the game, refer to this guide.

Gray Fox
This is a DLC skin for Raiden. It will make Raiden dress like the cyborg ninja from Metal Gear Solid.

Teenage Mutant Ninja
In the sewers, Raiden will eventually meet a dangerous enemy and a child. During the cut scene the child will see Raiden and yell out “A ninja? Cowabunga!” This is one of the most often used catchphrases of Ninja Turtles.

The child will also say, “Go ninja, Go ninja,” a reference to vanilla ice song from the movie, Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze.

The Essence of Solid Snake
A DLC consisting of a wooden sword. Use it against your foes and hear them make all kinds of noises that Solid Snake used to make.

Like in previous Metal Gear Solid games, Rising too has its fair share of posters of beautiful and barely clothed women. However, there is a twist. While on your way to a corporation headquarter in Denver.

You will find such posters of women cover in police tape. You can use Raiden awesome ninja skills to cut the tape and see all that is underneath the tape.

Ninja Cat
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance pays homage to ninja cats. You can find a special cat on the beach where Raiden lands at the beginning of mission R-01.

You can try to cut it but that cat is a better ninja than Raiden, it will do a backflip and evade your attack every time.

Giant Watermelon
In the tutorial when you enter the area where you have to slice four watermelons, make sure to check out the corners of the area for even more watermelons. Slice and Dice all the watermelons in this area and a humungous enormous watermelon will appear in one of the corners, just for your cutting pleasure.

In the tutorial, Raiden will come across a card board cut of a beautiful women being held hostage by a nefarious foe. If you use Raiden’s sword to cut exactly down the women’s shirt, you will remove her clothing. Well, at least this is not a real-life situation in the game.

Codec Conversation Regarding Solid Snake
To get this conversation, as soon you start mission R-01, bring up the codec and exhaust all unique conversations with Kevin and then beat the first wave of enemies. Now, head into the building and call Boris, after that call Kevin twice to initiate this particular conversation about Solid Snake.

Unlock All Difficulties
On the press start screen, enter ‘up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.’ For the PS3 version substitute B and A with circle and cross, this code will unlock all the difficulties in the game from the beginning.

If you come across any other easter egg, let us know by commenting below!

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