The Metal Gear Rising 2 Logo Doesn’t Mean a Sequel

About a month ago, Sony supposedly teased something that was equated to being a sequel to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance by the hopeful fans – including us. However, it seems that everyone stretched the thing a bit too much; Platinum Games has revealed that it was nothing of that sorts.

What happened was that a highlight reel of PlayStation 4, shown at thee Taipei Game Show 2015, included the number “2” written in the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance typeface. Nothing else was said about it back them which left a lot of room for speculations.

Naturally, people thought it should be about Metal Gear Rising 2.

Now, the official Twitter profile of Revengeance developers Platinum Games put all the expectations to rest by stating that the number “2” was actually supposed to commemorate the two year anniversary of the game.

Oh the irony.

So yes, sadly Metal Gear Rising 2 is not confirmed and actually it was never even teased. Despite this, I am sure that a sequel will come our way sometime down the line – just that Taiper Game Show tease will have nothing to do with it.

So what exactly is Platinum Games working on if not this? Well, at the start of the year they released a video highlighting some of their new projects. We know about Scalebound and we also know that the Bayonetta team is working on something – apart from some other projects that they will reveal later.

It has been two years since Revengeance was originally released in the markets, what do you think? Isn’t it time that they actually reveal (or at least really tease) Metal Gear Rising 2?

Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.