Metal Gear Online Has No Trophies or Achievements

Metal Hear Online developers have recently been very vocal about features that the game is going to offer. They have been discussing a lot of stuff over at their Twitter and now we have some interesting news to share with you.

First off, they have revealed that there are no plans to bring achievements or trophies to the game. Also, they wish to continue for as long as they can, there is no end date planned. Moving, on it was also revealed that the hosts will not be able to control the speed.

Another feature that fans have been talking about, auto aim, is actually planned though it will come with a switch off option. Also the control system of MGO is going to resemble the control system of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.

However, if you think that the developers are going to look to you for all the major decisions that they are making and that nothing is going to go against your wishes, you might be wrong. They want your feedback for the development of Metal Gear Online, but it is their own expertise that they are balancing it against:

While we appreciate all fan feedback, we aren’t looking to fans to decide our entire development plan. We are experienced professional game designers/developers and ultimately decide what works best for the game. Rest assured however we continue to listen to the community and will revise the game as needed. That is why we have sought the community for feedback and regularly take it in. We appreciate the support and hope you will enjoy the system, as free or limited as it feels in context of the game.

Which one of these decisions by the Metal Gear Online developers do you agree with ?

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