Metal Gear Online Aiming for Unique Multiplayer Experience, Will Not be a Rehash

The official Kojima Productions Twitter account has been active today in telling its followers more about the development of Metal Gear Online.

The studio wants fans to actively submit their feedback and suggestions for the online component of the series. The developer has clearly stated that it will take into account whatever seems productive, but ultimately will follow what’s “most fun.”

Metal Gear Online is being made from the ground up and already has several design ideas in the pipelines. Kojima Productions is looking at creating a unique multiplayer experience that will be fun, but at the same time still hold on to the rugged design of what we’ve come to expect from the franchise.

Beyond this the series of tweets didn’t reveal much. There was the promise of revealing every aspect in greater detail but that will happen “down the road” which in the end translates into ‘not anytime soon.’

Finally, the studio also promised that if there are requests for features by a large proportion of players after playing the game, the developer will consider adding them. It also assured that Metal Gear Online is not a rehash of Metal Gear Online 2, but it will be looking at it for design improvement ideas.

Source: Twitter

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