Megalodon Easter Egg Discovered in Battlefield 1

The grand Megalodon Easter egg from Battlefield 4 has returned with the recent release of the “They Shall Not Pass” expansion pack for Battlefield 1.

This time, though, players must make a blood offering to summon the extinct giant shark. The process involved is also a bit more tedious when compared with the original version.

Take note that the Megalodon Easter egg in Battlefield 1 is found in the new Fort de Vaux multiplayer map, requiring players to first own the game’s first expansion pack. Either that or they can take advantage of the Premium Friends feature to access the content through owners of the Premium Pass.

The following short guide tells exactly how to trigger the Megalodon Easter egg in Battlefield 1.

Step 1: Turn the Valves
There are three red valves scattered around the new Fort de Vaux multiplayer map in Battlefield 1: near Capture Point A where the ground can be destroyed, near the rubble corner of the map, and in a corridor between Capture Points D and E. Turn them all to create a puddle near Capture Point C.

Step 2: Turn the Waters Red
Step into the pool of water and kill three enemy players using only melee weapons. The blood from the fallen soldiers will turn the waters red, attracting the behemoth and causing it to emerge from below to feed on the dead.

The Easter egg was first discovered by DANNYonPC, and the following video shows just how a group of players deciphered clues to locate where the extinct shark dwells in the game.

Rumors about the Easter egg were already circulating before the release of They Shall Not Pass. The “A Beginning” dog tag hid a Morse code that told players to “await further instructions.” When the expansion pack was released, many discovered several vinyl records scattered around Fort de Vaux. These were then taken to a gramophone record player in the map for a listen, noting down yet another cryptic message.

The Megalodon Easter egg is likely only the first to be found in Battlefield 1. As with Battlefield 4, DICE is expected to come up with more secrets as it continues to release its expansion packs throughout the year.

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