Mega Man X Collection To Possibaly Be Split Into Two Halves

A new listing from Australian classification board has shed some light on Mega Man X Collection Pack as there are apparently ratings for two Mega Man games, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2. Which implies that the game may possibly be Split into two halves and may get released separately as well.

Last year proved to be great for Mega Man fans because the company announced that the game Mega Man will be continuing and Mega Man 11 will come through.With the announcement last year that Mega Man 11 shall come in 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC really stepped up the fan base for the title.

For Switch users, it was equally great, as there was plenty to expect. It was said that not only Mega Man Legacy Collection will be coming to the Switch platform but Mega Man X games were also revealed for future re-releases.

Based on the Australian classification rating for two games it would be too early to presume anything but it does give a direction to the fans that there is a major possibility for the games to be Split into two halves.

What would it mean for the game Mega Man X Collection overall? is the question, will the storyline or any aspect of the game be different due to this. Capcom would really need to address this issue very soon as if this is true it would be raising many questions. For some, this may still prove to be appropriate but for those who would not want to purchase two versions of the game but are fans of the game, it would be difficult.

It is nothing new we all know that the success this game title has had is really astonishing. With a huge number of spinoffs such as Mega Man X, Legends, Battle Network which was based on Mega Man NT warrior anime we had Mega Man Zero and many others.

The games had a gap within years between their releases but with every part, the title always revived the emotions of its fans. Plus we all know that most of the indie games often use a Mega Man-like formula to built themselves.