Medieval Life Tips and Strategies Guide – Monster Hunting, Building Tips, Weapons Upgrades

In this Medieval Life Tips and Strategies Guide, we will share some tips and strategies with you for Medieval Life. With the help of these tips and tricks, you can easily expand your tiny house into a gigantic castle by fighting monsters and completing quests.

With the help of this Medieval Life Tips and Strategies Guide, you can easily learn the basics of the game as well as the advanced mechanics of the game. Gather money, slay monsters, complete daring quests and build your ultimate castle in Medieval Life with the help of this Medieval Life Tips and Strategies Guide.

Medieval Life Tips and Strategies Guide

Medieval Life Tips and Strategies Guide details everything that you need to know in order to build the ultimate castle in Medieval Life.

Medieval Life Guide

Build in Alliance Territory

Alliances are important in the game and they play a vital role for your city. They boost up different stats for your cities such as depot capacity, resource production rate and resource gathering rate.

Keep up healthy relationships in the Alliance territory and they will unlock Alliance Fortress. Alliances can also share armies, resources, and other bonuses so it is recommended that you build around Alliance Territory.

Base Building Tips

You will start the game from a house and will eventually expand to a castle. You must be very efficient with your resources, as they do not come easy. Building around Alliances also helps as they provide resources. Build useful structures to store your loot and items so they are not wasted. Grow plants to get food and a fireplace to cook food and provide warmth.

When building a base, do not forget about building traps. You must install traps because they will help while defending against enemy attacks. Traps also give you money so they are a good source of income too.

Weapon Upgrades

To earn money, you will kill monsters and go on quests, for this, you will need weapons. Weapons play an important role in your game. You must look for better weapons all the time as well as upgrade your weapons often to kill the monsters easily. Although the upgrades are expensive you must focus on upgrading your weapons as soon as possible to be equally powerful as your enemies.

Monster Hunting Tips

You will hunt monsters for gold. The best way to kill monsters quickly is to equip better weapons. Never go out without a weapon or even a weak weapon. If you encounter a monster that has a very high level or is very difficult to kill and you know that killing it will require a lot of time then you can easily skip killing such monsters.

Stick to easy to kill monsters so that you can farm them and earn gold easily. Make sure your weapons are powerful enough to take monsters down easily. Do not hunt for legendary monsters with low-level weapons.

Apart from monsters, you can also catch and sell fish for an easy buck. When you are near water bodies, keep your eyes open for fish that jump out of the water. If you are quick and you manage to tap it, you can fight and capture them. Simply sell them for money and you will earn some easy money.

Complete Quests

Apart from killing monsters, you can also complete quests and earn gold. Quests are also focused around killing monsters but they give better rewards than random monster hunting. So you should complete as many quests as possible. The real progress in the game is only possible by completing quests.

This concludes our Medieval Life Tips and Strategies Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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