Medal of Honor Warfighter Weapon Customization Guide

In addition to unlocking Country Class and Weapons, players can further customize their playstyle by changing accessories to their weapons which we will explain in detail in Medal of Honor Warfighter Weapon Customization Guide below.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Weapon Customization

Weapons of course keep changing, as long as you rank up and keep unlocking weapons for the country you choose. There are five accessories available on whatever weapon you choose on top of various camouflage paint jobs.

Optics differ depending on what weapon you’re using. You can choose from four types of optics:

Low Power Dual Sights
A dual scope addition to your iron sights.

Low Power Sights
Improved zoom capabilities for long range.

Reflex Sights
Low zoom capabilities but increased agility for close quarters

Iron Sights
Default optics for the weapon. No zoom, high agility.

Barrel Assembly
You can change your barrel assembly to make your weapon more suitable for close range or long range. You can choose from up to three types of Barrel Assemblies:

Close Quarters Barrel Assembly
The assembly is for CQB players. Increased agility for close quarter battles.

Standard Barrel Assembly
The default assembly for your weapon. Grants grenade launcher for assaulters.

Precision Barrel Assembly
The assembly is for marksmen type players. Increased precision on long range but low agility.

You can use either of two types of muzzle

Silenced Muzzle
Suppressor addition for stealth in close range. Reduced range.

Standard Muzzle
A muzzle brake or flash suppressor to aid in shooting but reduced stealth

Receiver Group
You can change the stock you weapon uses. There are three to choose from

Close Quarter Receiver Group
Increased agility but reduced range for close quarters.

Standard Receiver Group
Default stock with balanced range and agility

Precision Receiver Group
Increased range for long range but reduced agility.

Magazine Style
Finally, you can change what style of the magazine you use. Currently, it is only available for the Assaulter with the standard magazine option.

Paint Jobs
You can choose from up to 73 camouflage paint jobs available for your weapon:


  • Grass – Camouflage with streaks and similar to grass.
  • Spetsnaz Jungle – A jungle type camouflage.
  • Grecko – A desert type camouflage.
  • Sand – A flat tan skin.
  • GROM Pixel – A woodland/desert type camouflage with pixels.
  • AOR1 – A desert camouflage with pixelated streaks.
  • Chocolate Chip – A desert camouflage with a flowing streak of brown and dots of black.
  • White Honeycomb – A whitish background with honeycombs.
  • Kangaroo – A purple/whitish tint with darker spots.
  • SASR Desert – A gray camouflage with spots of desert colors.
  • Flat Gray – A grayish green camouflage.
  • Sand Dune – A desert camouflage with streaks of tan and white.
  • Disruptive Brown – A splattered white background with gray and brown.
  • UDT – A greenish gray spot camouflage.
  • Combat Beige – Beige camouflage.
  • MoH Bowflage – A sandy type camouflage dedicated to the Medal of Honor series.


  • Pine Needles Green – A greenish layered camouflage.
  • Spetsnaz Urban – A bleak camouflage with patches of dull yellow.
  • Green Mesh – Dull green standard camouflage pattern.
  • ODA – Flat brownish earthy color.
  • CADPAT – A digital green color pattern.
  • Green Grunge – A stringy pattern of duller and duller green.
  • AOR2 – A similar, but greener version of AOR1.
  • Zen Garden – A stringy pattern of light green.
  • DMP2 – A standard mix of green, brown, beige and black.
  • Flecktarn Green – A digital greenish fray of colors.
  • Grass Dunes – A light dull greenish yellow background with parts of darker green.
  • Green Spots – A flowing mix of darker and lighter green.
  • M90 Woodland – A layering of light to dark green in ascending order.
  • Swedish Flat – A flat green yellow background.
  • South African 2000 – A blend of dark red, teal, and dull blue.
  • Green Honeycomb – A greenish mix of hexagonal patterns into the camouflage.


  • Brown String – A perpendicular pattern of dark and light brown centering.
  • Spetsnaz Red – A Red and Black mix with dull yellow.
  • Ten Tiger – A slash of dull yellow against a brown background.
  • Dark Grunge – A digital pattern of gray and dark gray.
  • SEAL Brown – Flat brown background.
  • Erbsent – Mix of dark blood red, duller and duller velvet, and hint of dull dark green.
  • Flat Brown -A light brown camouflage.
  • Desert Spots – A brown and dark green splash against a dullish tan background.
  • Digital Forrest Tiger – Slashes of light to dark green.
  • Jungle Path – Stripes of green to brown.
  • Black Spray – Mistily like smoke haze.
  • Safari – Centering triangle like shapes of gray, black, dull yellow and brown.
  • SAS Fatigue – bush-like stream of brown to green.
  • SAS Green – A flat dark brown camouflage.
  • Black and Tan – Blurred dull yellow against a black and brown background.


  • Finnish Snow – Splotches of black against a white background.
  • Winter Grunge – A small dotted white background with darkening black colors.
  • Snow Cell – White background with ovals of black and gray.
  • GROM Snow Plum – White background with leopard like spots of dark gray.
  • Winter Sticks – A white background with fading gray at the bottom with sticks of black.
  • Flat White – Plain white camouflage.
  • Tiger Cell Winter – Slashes of black against a white background.


  • Disruptive Gray – Pattern of grey curve and splashes against light gray background.
  • Sky – Flat purple background.
  • Light Gray – Flat gray.
  • Desert Spray – Blend of light brown and dull light yellow.
  • GROM Puma – Spots of gray against white, similar to Snow Plum.
  • Gray Tiger – marks of grey against a dull background.
  • Navy Tiger – Purplish version of Gray Tiger.
  • Pink -Dull hue of pink mixed with gray.
  • Gray Digital – Blend of digital colors of gray.
  • Flecktarn – Spots of orange, gray, green, and dull yellow.
  • Flecktarn Urban – gray scale version of Flecktarn, but inverted across.
  • Winter Night – Purple bluish spots.
  • Finnish Snow Night – A very detailed gray background blending into a streak of black with white strings across.
  • UDT Gray – Plain gray background.


  • No Camo – Blank, default skin for weapon.
  • Brazilian Lizard – Streaks of pinkish red against patches of dull and duller light gray green.
  • M90 Night – A brightly purple patch of darker to lighter camouflage.
  • Somalia – A gray and blue slash camoflauge specially unlocked using a code from watching a promo for the Zero Dark Thirty film.

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