Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Will Soon be Free on Origin

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault will soon be available for free on EA’s online DRM program Origin. The World War II title was first released in 2004 for PC, but is coming soon to Origin through the ‘On the House’ program.

Origin has recently offered Need for Speed for free for Origin Access members, and is often the source of many other deals and offers.

Their ‘On the House’ program is an initiative that allows users to download and keep games for absolutely nothing. Their official site offers a brief description of what you can expect from this service:

Free?! What’s the catch?
There’s no catch. Grab full games, expansions and more at absolutely no cost. Just make sure to act fast because On the House specials can appear and disappear at any time.
You mean a trial or demo, right?
Nope. You’re getting a full version of the real game — for free!
How long will I own the game?
Once you’ve claimed your game, it’s yours to keep!
Why is Origin doing this?
Our goal is to provide a great gaming experience and a way to discover awesome new games. Having a game in your library, for free, is a fantastic way to see what Origin is all about.

The game on offer changes periodically, and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault isn’t quite available to download yet but is promised to be released soon.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is a first-person shooter set amongst the Pacific War within World War II, when the Japanese made their assault on British and American bases all over the world. It is the 7th instalment in the Medal of Honor series. Despite being 12 years old now, the game still stands up well enough today and includes single player and multiplayer modes.