Max Payne 3 Clues Locations Guide

Among the Max Payne 3 collectibles, are the clues, which you must find by exploring through the environment while playing through different chapters of the game. This guide will take you to all the Max Payne 3 Clues Locations.

I have to admit, it is a bit over-whelming task considering the amount of action intense combat you are involved in, but if you to manage it if you want to unlock An Echo Of The Past achievement or trophy.

Max Payne 3 Clues Locations

You can keep track of which clues you have found and how many you have missed from the in-game collectibles menu that you can access during a particular chapter. It will also give you the name/type of the clue you are missing. If you have made your mind to find all the clues in the game, read the guide that follows!

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Chapter 1

Clue #1 – Celebrity Magazine
Location. On the table of the living room, next to sofa, with lot of wine bottles to the left.

Clue #2 – Dropped Photo
Location. Following Rodrigo (attempt to save him) when you exit the garage, look for the dropped picture on the floor.

Chapter 2

Clue #1 – Dead Soccer Star
Location. Look for corpse in white lying on the floor, in the VIP section of the club, to the left, by the stairs, behind a small table.

Clue #2 – Night-Club Flyer
Location. In the VIP Lounge, right-side of the bar, while facing the stairs leading to the next floor.

Clue #3 – Ex-Cop
Location. When you exit through a door, taking you through the bathroom after you clear the second floor of the club, you will come across three doors but only one is free. Open it and you will find an ex-cop hiding.

Clue #4 – Torn Dress Piece
Location. Same bathroom (above), search the right corner of the sink to find a torn dress piece.

Clue #5 – Portuguese Newspaper
Location. When you enter the kitchen after clearing the area, search the right side and look for a news paper by the radio.

Clue #6 – Giovanna’s Necklace
Location. After clearing the roof, continue inside the building. When you are coming down the stairs, keep your eyes on the ground and you will find Giovanna’s necklace.

Chapter 3

Clue #1 – Picture of Victor
Location. After you clear the first area in the stadium, search the office next to the medical office. Look on the right for a picture on the wall.

Clue #2 – Blood Stained Door
Location. Following Passos, when you come across first elevator, look left for a white door. Notice the bloodstain on the door.

Clue #3 – Blood Stained Hallway
Location. After escaping the first sniper, follow the tunnel to the right. Clear the hallway and look for a bloodstain on one of the pillars.

Clue #4 – Soccer Star Memorial
Location. In the trophy room, when you exit the area, don’t forget to pay homage to Claudio, a legend?

Chapter 4 Clues

Clue #1 – Max’s NYPD Badge
Location. Look for a small table by the window in Max Payne’s apartment. On the table is Max’s NYPD badge, notice it for a memory rewind.

Clue #2, #3 – Brewer’s Journal, Newspaper Clippings
Location. After escaping the snipers, when a pirate guy sacrifices himself to save you, get into his apartment and search for clues. There are two, one of the work table and second near the entrance of the bathroom.

Chapter 5

Clue #1 – Parked Helicopter
Location. Start of the chapter, follow the dirt path and notice the helicopter in the courtyard while standing behind the fence.

Clue #2 – Ransom Note
Location. Look for a ransom note, next to the tv at which you watch the recording of Fabiana.

Clue #3 – Video Camera
Location. After reaching the hangar where they tortured Fabiana, examine the video camera.

Clue #4 – Branco Family Photo
Location. When you see Fabiana being rushed out in the garage, get into the room under the upper platform. It’s the room where you push the button on the wall, allowing you to exit the hangar. On the table, to the left is a picture, examine it.

Clue #5 – Boathouse Newspaper
Location. Exit the garage and cross the courtyard to enter another building. You will notice a poker table next to cage. Inside the cage, on the floor, is a newspaper, which is your next clue. Turn around and enter the room located in the same building.

Clue #6 – Nightclub Floor Plans
Location. Open the door to the room mentioned above and you should see a table in front of you, on that table, are the blue prints of the nightclub.

Chapter 6 Clues Locations

Clue #1 – File On Fabiana
Location. Start of the chapter, look for a folder in an office to your right. Inside it is the file on the Fabiana, your first clue.

Clue #2 – Rodrigo’s Email
Location. After retrieving the file, look for a laptop by the desk, to your left. Check the email on this laptop.

Clue #3 – Architectural Models
Location. Examine the model on your left in the conference room.

Clue #4 – School Pictures
Location. On the right of the hallway are three school pictures. Examine these pictures to get an insight into the case.

Clue #5 – Dead IT Guy
Location. After dis-arming the terrorist, search the corpse behind him for a clue.

Chapter 7

Clue #1 – Ex-cop
Location. You will come across the Ex-Cop you found in the bathroom of the club, in the first chapter while searching for a phone and gun on the streets. Talk to him!

Clue #2 – Photo of Serrano
Location. After finding intel on Neves and Milo Rego from Wilson Da Silva at the StripTease Bar, you will be attacked, finish them off and after that, see the picture Mr. Da Silva left behind.

Clue #3 – Tourist
Location. Search the room to your left, near the exit to find a tourist under the bed. Interacting with him will trigger a cut-scene.

Clue #4 – Lower Gang Spray Tag
Location. When you come across a locked blue-door, look for a graffiti painting to your left with a gang tag. Examine it for this clue!

Clue #5 – Middle Gang Spray Tag
Location. After exiting the train car, look for clue behind a large gate. It’s a painting of three armed gangsters.

Clue #6 – Shrine to Claudio
Location. You will come across while moving through the streets. It’s basically a wall paying homage to Claudio.

Clue #7 – Flyer of Giovanna
Location. When you reach the backyard after clearing the enemies on rooftops, you should see a flyer on the ground, to the right.

Clue #8 – Bag of Oxidado
Location. After the cut-scene in which Max notices gang members having a party, get into the house and look for some drugs near the door.

Clue #9 – Upper Gang Spray Tag
Location. After destroying the drug lab and returning to the streets, look for another graffiti on the wall.

Chapter 8

Clue #1 – Valerie’s Tombstone
Location. On the right of the iron gate is a tombstone. Examine the urn on top of this stone.

Clue #2 – Nicole Mausoleum
Location. After rescuing Passos, look around for Mausoleum.

Clue #3 – Vinnie’s Tombstone
Location. After the cut-scene in which Max digs his grave, kill everyone in this area and then look for Mausoleum. It’s newer than others and examining it gives us our final clue of this chapter.

Chapter 9

Clue #1 – Dead Gang Members
Location. Search for the dead gang members in the first building you enter.

Clue #2 – Dead UFE Members
Location. Examine the body you come across while moving through the stairs as you advance to the next street.

Clue #3 – Dead Residents
Location. Examine the body of the resident the cop executed.

Chapter 10

Clue #1 – Office Newspaper
Location. After opening the gate to the next area, follow Giovanna and clear the yard. Check the office to your right near the gates and look for the newspaper on the desk.

Clue #2 – Ad Campaign Poster
Location. Looking for a large poster of Camila Machado at the bottom of the stairs.

Chapter 11

Clue #1 – Notes on Max
Location. When the chapter starts, clear the perimeter and cross the hallway to get to the other room. You will find the first clue on the cabinet near the shower.

Clue # 2 – Passos’ Bed
Location. When you enter Passos’ room, you can find the second clue near the bed.

Clue #3 – Blood Trail
Location. You will open a hatch after you escape from the engines’ room. Before you go outside, look for the stain of blood on the floor for the clue.

Clue # 4 – Discarded Newspaper
Location. The place where you take out the three pirates near the wall is a round table. There is a newspaper on it. Look at it first and then take a look at the wall.

Clue # 5 – Pried Wall
Location. You will find the next clue right where you found the previous one. Just examine the broken wall by the pirates and you will find it.

Clue # 6 – Daphne’s Passport
Location. When you are at the designated hallway, the very first room to the right side is where you should look for this clue. The Passport can be found placed on the table.

Clue # 7 – Daphne’s Jewelry Box
Location. Now, head to the bedroom at the end of the hallway (watch out for the enemies) and look for the clue on the shelf.

Clue # 8 – Center Display
Location. The final clue can be found after you climb up the stairs. The two statues there are the objects you need to examine.

Chapter 12 Clues

Clue # 1 – Gurney
Location. You will get the first clue right after the cutscene. You need to examine the beds to make it count.

Clue # 2 – Ammo Crate
Location. After collecting the first clue, keep moving forward and when you get to the deposit, enter the room to the left. You will spot a brown box on the ground. Examining the crate will make this clue count.

Clue # 3 – Wall Photos
Location. From the first ledge, head right. You will find a room inside which you will see some pictures hanging on the wall.

Clue # 4 – Passos’ ID Card
Location. In the same room where you found the previous clue, examine the piece of paper near the couch. Now, move up to the third floor by breaking the door at the end of the hallway.

Clue # 5 – Newspaper Article
Location. On reaching the restaurant, examine the bar on the left side to read the newspaper.

Clue # 6 – Donation Receipt
Location. The room where you got the C4, get back there and get the Receipt on the shelf.

Chapter 13 Clue Locations

Clue # 1 – Tourist
Location. You can find the tourist in the prison. Talk to the prisoner to make this clue count.

Clue # 2 – Prison Log
Location. When you have got rid of police officers, head inside the on the other side and you will be able to find the clue inside it.

Clue # 3 – Promissory
Location. From the kitchen hallway, head to the office and search for the clue on the table.

Clue # 4 – Political Folder
Location. On the 5th floor, when you are at second checkpoint, check the office on the right side to find your clue.

Clue #5 – E-File on Da Silva
Location. You can search for the laptop (which is actually a clue) in the same office room where you found the clue above.

Clue #6 – Flak Vest
Location. After the QTE related to snipers, don’t open the security till you have examined the flak vest in the locker beside.

Clue #7 – Slide Show
Location. Head to the briefing room and look for the podium that shows a slide show. Simply go through each and every slide till you unlock the clue

Chapter 14

Clue #1 – Ex-Cop
Location. If you visit the bathroom (while moving through the hallways), you will be able to find a cop sitting inside.

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