Mature Rated Video Games Will Be Taxed In Pennsylvania

The amount of backlash for mature-rated video games have faced in recent times has been more than ever. Although a game having objectionable content gets rated for the adult audience. Still, the objections are not nullified. So much so that now a law got filed in Pennsylvania to tax games of this category.

The reason behind the backlash is due to the objectionable content of these games for the most. The idea is that impact of mature rated video games on the minds of gamers provokes violence. So, Christopher Quinn has filed a legislation to impose a tax on games for having violent content.

If this law gets passed by the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania a 10% tax will get imposed. Gamers of this vicinity would not be happy to hear this news as it would add extra bucks to their expenditure. Memo of Representative Christopher B. Quinn suggests this would diminish violence in schools.

Christopher calls this amendment as Digital Protection for School Safety Account. This act wishes to regulate taxes among Mature and Adult Only rated video games. Moreover, one study backs this act by indicating a link between violence and video games.

One of the co-sponsors of the House Bill 2705 was once a filer for a bill to legalize online gambling in video games. So, those who were once voicing rights of video game developers and producers are now no longer on the same side. This does not mean that mature-rated video games are now left for dead.

Media Coalition has also filed a memo in strong opposition of the 2705 House Bill. Yet this is not the first time games are being used to cover up the mess of authorities. Texas Govt. blamed violent video games for the unfortunate Santa Fe shooting.


Kentucky Governor also put the blame of Florida school shooting on violent gaming content. On top of that, President Trump did not hold back to claim that video games lead to real violence as well. If all this actually makes sense to you its time we all stopped blaming games for such heinous acts. Mature-rated video games fulfill their task to warn users before they start playing them.

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