Master Chief Joins Jump Force Thanks To Mods

Mr. Halo himself has joined the ranks of the anime protagonists in Jump Force. Modders have taken to bringing some level of popularity back to the otherwise failed game. That’s why we bring you this Master Chief mod for Jump Force.

The mod itself is a reskin of Ryo Saeba. This classic character was picked due to his moveset heavily involving the usage of guns and even a car.

The mod is pretty dedicated though. It even replaces Ryo’s voice with lines from the Chief. Lines that also vaguely fit whatever situation he’s in. We could even hear Cortana if I’m not mistaken.

Beyond that, even the gun models were replaced with Halo weapons. Here we see the magnum, the Bruteshot, the shotgun, and even the rocket launcher.

To top it all off, we even get a Warthog appearance during his ultimate attack instead of Ryo’s car. It makes for a very flashy finisher that combines the use of the warthog and the magnum.

The best part of this mod, in my opinion, is the announcer from Halo being featured. I love the little background addition of “Killtacular” at the end of an ultimate with Chief blowing up Frieza. Simply amazing honestly.

Now we have a mod to go up against the previously featured Shaggy mod that exists for a by now dead meme sadly. We can still enjoy the visual of Shaggy beating your favorite anime characters up.

The same goes for the Master Chief in Jump Force. My favorite part of the video was honestly Goku transforming and getting promptly “yeeted” by Chief a second later.

Although the game is pretty shabby and unfinished, I will admit that it has very impressive lighting effects. The explosions and flashes are so well on point it’s really quite amazing.

Speaking of Halo, We might be seeing Chief on PC anyways.

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