The Division 2 is “Not Splitting The Community In Any Way”, Says Massive

The Division 2 is “not splitting the community in any way”, says the game director in regards to post-launch content. Massive Entertainment’s Mathias Karlson was recently interviewed by GameReactor. He chose to talk about the game’s post-launch content and endgame in detail.

He confirmed that the game’s launch is just a beginning in many ways. They are going to have that same post-launch commitment to the game as Ubisoft promised.

We’re going to have that same post-launch commitment to The Division 2. We’ve learned a tremendous amount about what it’s like running and refining a The Division game from the first one. So we have applied that not just to the game we’re releasing, I believe also truly to the post-launch. So we’re not splitting the community in any way.

Karlson then went on to talk about free DLC updates that will be released to satisfy the needs of different audiences. The team knows that everyone likes to engage within the game in their own way so they are going to deliver on that. Also, this year you will have more variety of specializations to choose from.

We’re releasing three major episodes that are all about giving players content for free, so that they don’t get divided trying to really cover everything from new main missions, new narrative threads, new areas to explore, add to the PvP content, etc. So that we have not just the depth about the spread of all the different types of players playing this game, because there’s a lot of variety in how people chose to engage with The Division, we know that. Then we’re going to release three more specialisations in Year One. Which is also very exciting, so the three ones you can start building on now are going to be expanded upon.

The Division 2 packs content for every kind of player ranging from those who are into main missions, expansions, or straight forward wanting to turn Rogue in Dark Zones.

As a result of Massive’s post-launch efforts, players will be receiving free Division 2 content updates throughout the year. Each update will bring new specializations and missions for all players. On the other side, season pass owners of The Division 2 will get early access to all of these updates.

Season pass gets you instant access to specializations, classified assignments and additional bounties which are not part of the base game.

The Division 2 releases worldwide today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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