Mass Effect Legendary Edition Graphics Outshine Original’s

Yesterday, it was finally revealed that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition would be coming out, allowing fans of the franchise to play the original trilogy with upgraded graphics, resolution, and more. A YouTuber named Cycu1 has given us a video comparison of some clips showing off the difference in graphics for each.

While the original Mass Effect games were nothing to sneeze at back when they came out, and still hold up well today, even with the video you can still see numerous differences in environmental design, graphics, resolution, and lighting.

For instance, reflections of light off of objects look much better and much smoother. Lighting is also less harsh and more organic, such as in the approach to the Citadel where, rather than a blinding light obscuring most of the station, you can now see the entire thing to begin with.

The game’s opening sequence of Eden Prime has also been adjusted to be different. Rather than a blood-red sky, for instance, the sky is more normal. And that’s only the start of what Mass Effect Legendary Edition graphics can do.

In addition to the various graphics upgrades and changes that help to enhance the look and feel of the game, Mass Effect Legendary Edition also will be including almost every DLC that was ever released for the series, with the exception of Mass Effect 1’s Pinnacle Station and anything related to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer.

While we haven’t gotten any actual gameplay footage, or more information that might help us to discover more of the changes, either way it looks like the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trilogy is going to be a big breath of fresh air after the disappointment of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be releasing on May 14 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and also on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 in compatibility mode. You can watch the video posted by Cycu1 here.