Mass Effect Legendary Edition 0xc0000005 Error, Startup Crashes and Fixes

This guide covers all of the errors that players have been dealing with in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, along with the possible fixes.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition bundles 3 huge games together, and this is perhaps why it has a long list of minor and major errors. This guide covers all of the errors that players have been dealing with in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, along with the possible fixes to all of the errors.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Errors

Since Mass Effect Legendary Edition comes as a package of all the three main Mass Effect games and all of their respective DLC, we have covered issues and errors for each game included.

Save Game Errors & Fix

One of the issues that has been reported quite a lot of times is the error while saving the game in Mass Effect 1. So, if you are having a “problem occurred while saving” error in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, here is the fix.

But for whichever of the three games you are experiencing save game error, apply the following procedure first:

Give the game Admin rights by first Right-Clicking the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in steam. Go to Manage and Browse Local Files. From here, Right Click EXE and go: Properties> Compatibility Tab> (check) Run this Program as Administrator.

If the aforementioned method doesn’t fix your problem, try disabling the One Drive Backup. It has worked for most of the players.

Lastly, if none of the above-mentioned methods work, then you might need to Turn Off Controlled Folder Access. This can be done by going to settings and then:

Update & Security> Windows Security> Virus & Threat Protection> Manage Ransomware Protection> Turn off controlled folder access.

G-Sync Not Working

Another one of the errors in Mass Effect LE is the G-Sync Not Working error. So if your G-Sync is not working, open the Nvidia Control Panel and navigate as follow:

Manage 3D Settings> Global Settings> Turn on Vertical Sync> Apply

This will fix G-Sync not working error with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Error: Problem with Game’s Setup Fix

If you are getting a message prompting you to reinstall the game due to a problem with the game’s setup, we have got the fix! The first thing that you need to try is going to the Steam folder and then ‘Depotcache’ folder. Delete all the files inside the depotcache folder.

Other possible reasons are that your Windows username might have some special characters in it. So, if the aforementioned method doesn’t solve your problem, try changing your username and hey! Keep plain English characters in your username this time.

0xc0000005 Error Fix

If you are getting the strange 0xc0000005 error in ME Legendary Edition, you are not alone in it! Numerous users have reported getting 0xc0000005 error, and there is a simple fix to it.

This error occurs when your antivirus is blocking certain files of the game. All that you need to do is just either put the Mass Effect Legendary Edition in your antivirus’ “Allowed” list or disable the real-time protection of your antivirus.

Crashing at Startup or Not Responding Error Fix

There have been various reports of ME Legendary Edition crashing while startup or giving Not Responding error during startup.

So if you are getting the “Not Responding Error,” you can fix it in two simple steps. Just right-click the game in steam and go to properties. There, add ‘-windowed’ under the Launch options and Bang! Your problem is resolved.

But if the game is failing to launch at all, instead of the ‘Not Responding’ error, you either need to change your Windows username or turn off the real-time protection of your antivirus.

Game Crashes While Running

If your game crashes after running smoothly for some time, it might be due to the third-party tools that you might be using or the origin overlays that interpret. So just disable all the third-party tools and origin in-game overlays to avoid getting these crashes.

Launcher Reboots After Choosing Game Fix

Some of the users reported that their launcher reboots once they choose any of the three Mass Effect Legendary Edition games. The fix to this issue is the same as for many other – usernames! You have to remove any non-English characters from your Windows username and the problem will be fixed.