Mass Effect Legendary Edition Achievements Leaked, Mostly The Same

Since the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition is just going to be a remastering of BioWare’s classic trilogy, there shouldn’t be anything new about it. However, apparently the Mass Effect Legendary Edition achievements list that was leaked earlier today has a few notable changes, despite otherwise being identical to the original.

To start off with, apparently the various achievements in Mass Effect 1 that you get for playing through most of the game with certain party members has been shortened. Now instead of the majority of the game, you only have to play five missions with them to get the achievement.

Other achievements included with the collection basically combine individual achievements from previous games. Things like killing a certain number of enemies, completing the games on the Insanity difficulty, and establishing romantic relationships with party members are also included and combined to also carry across all three games.

Considering how much there is to do in each Mass Effect game, completionists will likely have a field day with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition achievements, especially since all together there’s 127 of them across all three games.

Mass Effect was one of the biggest games of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console generation, with the series helping to catapult BioWare to stardom as one of the best RPG makers out there. While that reputation has since dimmed due to the back-to-back underperformance of Mass Effect Andromeda and the failure of Anthem, the original games are still masterpieces.

Even if Mass Effect 3 is losing its much-praised multiplayer component, there’s still dozens of hours of play time ahead for Mass Effect fans, especially if they plan on completing everything they can in each game.

You can find the Mass Effect Legendary Edition achievements by following this link, but be warned if you haven’t played, because there are spoilers involved. The trilogy will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and PC on May 14.