Mass Effect Andromeda Will Break Beyond Its Core Audience, Says EA

During their investor day conference, EA’s chief executive officer Andrew Wilson has expressed his expectations about the upcoming Bioware developed Mass Effect Andromeda. In the briefing he said that the game will grow beyond the core RPG audience, and will appeal to other gamers as well.

According to Andrew Wilson:

And then we have Mass Effect: a whole new Mass Effect story emerging, a fan favorite. As a category role playing games or RPGs continues to grow and break beyond what was the core gamer audience. We’ve seen other games in the category do this, and we believe that Mass Effect will do that.

After this statement from EA, some fans are raising their concern that EA might be targeting the casual gamers, and will water down their games to appeal to these casuals.

However, this might not be the case if you look at Dragon Age Inquisition, which appealed to both the core audience and casual gamers by giving them both a choice for their play style. Let’s just hope that is the case.

In early April a small gameplay clip was leaked, which showed jetpacks but the clip was quickly removed by EA.

EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund also shared some information about the game at the end of his presentation. He said that EA has adopted the crowd technology developed for Rory McIlroy PGA Tour for Mass Effect Andromeda. The same tech was also used for Mirror`s Edge Catalyst to have large crowds which they can walkthrough. Other EA studios are also adopting this technology.

During the briefing EA also teased that an action game developed by Bioware is in the works. A slide from the presentation shows that Bioware is potentially contributing to the company’s growth in action category.

The inclusion of Bioware in the slide could be because the studio is currently working on another action game. But there is also a possibility that Mass Effect Andromeda is being considered as an action title by the company.

What do you make of Andrew Wilson’s statement? Let us know in the comments.

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