Mass Effect Andromeda Veterans To Collaborate On Halo Infinite

Microsoft is placing its bets on Halo Infinite to boost the launch of Xbox Project Scarlett. It seems befitting that an Xbox classic should launch the next generation of Xbox. The game will release on both Xbox One, Xbox Scarlett and PC. It is being touted as the most visually striking title in terms of the Xbox Game Studios catalog. And a collaboration with Sperasoft, who has worked on Mass Effect Andromeda, is towards that end.

In the age of exclusives, it seems wise to release Halo Infinite on Xbox Scarlett. It will be released on the PC and Xbox One as well, but Microsoft has the opportunity to show the world how best to utilize Scarlett. They are already trying to make it as beautiful as can be.

To make it so, it uses a new graphics engine, SlipSpace Engine. This Engine is optimized to take advantage of even the most basic Xbox One models.

The game is being specifically developed by 343 Industries. 343 Industries are the in-house Microsoft, Halo focused studio. It was formed as a result of Xbox’s bid to expand the number of in-house studios. It has also come to light that Sperasoft will be co-operating with them. Sperasoft has a vast portfolio. They have collaborated with several renowned studios. In terms of AAA games, they recently collaborated with Bethesda Studio on Mass Effect Andromeda.

Sperasoft has participated in several design, animation and concept projects of BioWare. So a collaboration on Halo Infinite not only makes sense but is well deserved. Their main focus seems to be on improving the capture of movement.

Please note that the main base of the animations will continue to be the responsibility of 343 Industries. This collaboration will only see Sperasoft performing the role of additional support. Something similar to what happens with SkyBox Studios.

Halo Infinite will refocus the story on Master Chief. 343 Industries’ are calling it a “spiritual reboot”. According to Justin Robey, the game’s story will be deep enough to satisfy old time fans but simple enough to encourage new fans to pick it up. The game’s art style is different from Halo 5 and the trailer sees Master Chief wearing his old helmet.

These are all the details we have for the time being, for updates keep reading Segment Next.

Source: Generacion Xbox