Mass Effect Andromeda Story and Lore Theories: Greek God Helios, Hyperion Ship and More

It is true that Bioware has been awfully quiet about everything lore related when it comes to the Mass Effect Andromeda story and setting. However, we do have a really interesting theory about what might have gone down, and it includes references to even Greek gods and mythology.

To start with, we know that there are going to be at least three Ark Ships in the game and that one of them is called Hyperion.

Look up that word and you’ll see that it is basically taken from Greek mythology where Hyperion was the name of one of Helios’ sons.

Helios is the Greek sun titan who flies a flaming chariot and do you remember what was playing in the background at the official E3 reveal of the game? It was “Ghost Riders In The Sky” by Johnny Cash – something people questioned and Bioware said that it had a reason.

Moving on, while it has not been confirmed officially, we know thanks to a leak that Mass Effect Andromeda story is set in the Helius Cluster, which is also named after Helios.

Now, without being too optimistic or too skeptical, we are extrapolating on this and reaching the only reasonable answer: maybe Hyperion is one of the 12 ships that were sent at the end of Mass Effect 3 to go and find a new place to build human civilization.

Now we know that all this is just mostly shooting in the dark, but surely Bioware has taken some lead from the Greek mythology in all this, and it won’t be a surprise at all if they are actually using deep references to the lore and Mass Effect Andromeda story like this.

The game will be released to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in early 2017.

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