Mass Effect Andromeda A New World Mission Guide

Our Mass Effect Andromeda A New World Mission Guide will help you with the mission and how to get to the H-047c and Elaaden planets and tell you how to trigger the mission in the first place.

Both H-047c and Elaaden missions will become available once you have interrogated the Vehn Terev during Hunting the Archon mission.

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Mass Effect Andromeda A New World Mission

Once you have interrogated Vehn Terev return to the Temptest and open the Galaxy Map. Drack and Pebee will tell you about a couple of planets where some interesting things are happening.

Vetra and Peebee will suggest you go check out the H-047c in the Remav system. So to get there open up the Galaxy Map and look for the Remav System and here you will find the H-047c.

H-047c was supposed to be the turian Golden World but in reality, it is far from that and it is nothing more than a debris field. Once there select the landing zone and it is recommended that you add Vetra to the party.

The exiles have taken over H-047c as a mining planet. There is no atmosphere on the planet and radiation is through the roof so you will need to stay close to Nomad. There will be domes that will protect Ryder from the Radiation. Also, the gravity of the planet is also very light, so traveling with Nomad can be a bit wild.

You will find From the Dust side mission on this very planet along with small mineral deposits.

Once you have interrogated the Vehn Terev return to the Tempest and Drack will tell you that he is concerned about tensions at the Krogan colony on Elaaden.

In order to complete this mission in Mass Effect Andromeda, use the galaxy map and find the Zaubray system and select Elaaden. Scan it to find a landing zone and land on Elaaden.

Bringing Drack along on this mission is recommended. Jorgal Strux, the Pathfinder’s Krogan contact, will be waiting for the team at Paradise. On this planet, you will find a strange Remnant structure and SAM will scan it.

Once you have landed on this planet you have completed the priority op mission and a new mission for Elaaden will unlock called “Conflict in the Colony”.

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