Mass Effect Andromeda Melee Combat Guide – How to Use the Melee Mechanics

Mass Effect Andromeda is the fourth Mass Effect game and is set a long way beyond the events of Mass Effect 3. The game comes with a massive open world as well as a plethora of things to do. Exploration and combat are at the heart of Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Mass Effect Andromeda sees the return of romance mechanics, cover-based shooting, and melee combat. Melee combat is a very useful tool at your disposal and can help in situations where it is best to not blatantly engage the enemy. While it is not the primary way to engage the enemy, stealth kills can prove to very useful in certain situations.

Mass Effect Andromeda melee combat is very basic and easy to do. Get close to your enemies press F for a melee attack if you are playing on PC. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 players should press triangle and Xbox One users need to press Y.

Mass Effect Andromeda melee combat is exceptionally designed and can prove to be effective during gunfights as well. You can rush your enemies and grab a quick melee kill. Keep in mind that you can not attack larger and high-level enemies with a melee attack and expect a kill.

Such tactics are a recipe for disaster so make sure you understand when and where to effectively use melee attacks. Keep in mind that the AI in Mass Effect Andromeda is not stupid. It will charge you and keep moving around to make it hard for you to be in control  of the situation.

When up against such enemies and when they charge, melee combat is the best way to go. Press the relevant button when they charge you and are in close range. Make sure you are not out in the open for long when facing a handful of enemies.

Kill the one at close range and than move back to a secure position. Focus on the ones charging you as they will cause more trouble.

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