Mass Effect Andromeda Lost Brother Mission Guide

Lost Brother is one of the many side quests players can attempt in Mass Effect Andromeda. The quest has players performing a task, related to his brother, for one of their crew mates aboard the Hyperion.

Mass Effect Andromeda Lost Brother mission guide will take players through this side mission and earn some XP in order to level up for better performance.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Lost Brother Mission Walkthrough
The mission is started after players talk to Nigel McCoy inside the cryo bay on the Hyperion. The best way to pick up this mission is when players are aboard the Hyperion while checking up on their sibling as part of the “Ryder Family Memories” mission. Nigel will ask the players to do something for his brother and if they accept the task, they will get a pendant from him.

After taking the pendant from Nigel, players need to head to Eos to find the Lost Brother. It doesn’t matter where the Tempest drops them off but players need to make their way to Site 1. If their landing point is somewhere far, players can simply fast travel to the forward station.

Upon reaching Site 1, all Ryder needs to do is follow the orange quest marker on their HUD to reach the thinking spot of Dash McCoy, the brother. To get there, players will need to head to the right of the spot and then loop around it while moving towards the orange marker.

Once up on the hill and having reached the objective area, players can place the pendant they received from Nigel onto the ground and complete the mission for 270 XP.

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