Mass Effect Andromeda High Noon Walkthrough

High Noon, a mission that takes place on Kadara and is a part of the Heleus Assignments in Mass Effect Andromeda allows players to put up an outpost on Kadara. To do this mission, there are some prerequisite quests which the players must complete before they can finish High Noon.

Mass Effect Andromeda High Noon Quest guide will take players through Kadara in order to complete this quest, make new alliances and unlock an outpost in the region.

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Mass Effect Andromeda High Noon

The quest starts at Kadara Port in Outcast Headquarters. In order to do the quest, players must have first interrogated Vehn Terey in Hunting the Archon quest and must also have completed the follow quests:

  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • A People Divided
  • Healing Kadara’s Heart
  • Modern Medicine
  • Precious Cargo
  • Night on the Town

Players need to talk to Sloane to begin the quest who complains about the Charlatan using her people to beat up Kaetus.

Players are tasked to accompany Sloane to a meeting in Kadara Slums, where they can go by using a nearby terminal.

To get to the quest area, players need to fast travel to Sulfur Springs Forward Station from Kadara Slums and then travel up the cliff to the cave where the objective marker is pointing.

The pathfinder team and Sloane continue on through the cave until they meet the Charlatan, Reyes Vidal. Reyes proposes a duel between Sloane and himself and whoever wins gets to control the Kadara Port.

Players need to make a choice here, whether they want Sloane to win or Reyes. If Sloane is their choice, they need to keep an eye out for the narrative action prompt in the bottom right of the screen.

Pressing the button at the right time leads to Ryder tackling Sloane to the ground as a sniper hired by Reyes tries to kill Sloane.

Following this foiled attempt, Reyes runs away from the area and escapes on a drop ship as players chase him down. Players get another chance to shoot Reyes but he still survives. If players decide to side with Reyes, they can simply let the sniper kill Sloane and then return to Kadara Port to complete the mission.

At the port, if Sloane is killed, players will meet Reyes on the second floor of Tartarus and he grants players the permission to build an outpost in the area.

If Sloane is alive and Reyes escaped, players will meet Sloane at Outcast Headquarters and she not only allows players to build an outpost but players also earn a decent amount of Andromeda Viability Points and 5% Kadara Viability.

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