Mass Effect Andromeda Dissension in the Ranks Guide

Mass Effect Andromeda Dissension in the Ranks quest to help you complete this secondary quest with our easy-to-follow walkthrough tips.

In order to unlock these secondary ops, you need to complete ‘Know Your Enemy’ and read ‘Message from New Tuchanka: Troubling Kett Activity’ e-mail. For this optional mission, your first job is to investigate the crashed Kett ships on Elaaden.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Dissension in the Ranks

Having checked your e-mail, you must head to the crash site on Elaaden and Investigate.

After arriving in Gehenna Valley on Elaaden, proceed towards the crashed ship to investigate the crash site. Once you’re there, make sure to defeat the Kett. Then search the site for the Kett datapad.

Your next task is to head to Tempest and speak with Suvi on the bridge. Since she can’t help you with the lock, head to Lexi in the Medbay.

While speaking with Lexi, select ‘That Could Be Dangerous’ and find a navpoint. This is the location where you have to find the source of the signal.

You basically need to arrive at Prodromos, Eos and head inside a cave on the north side. The marker on the map will be a bit misleading so its best you look for the cave straightaway. Continue to follow the navpoint and scan the signal source i.e. Mobile Relay Aiz.

You have to repeat this scan process for two other transmitters in different locations. You’d have to defeat some Kett and take down the shields covering the transmitters by turning off their generators.

Follow the next navpoint north to find a Kett camp near the north of the Kett Base. After arriving in the area, defeat the Chosen and scan the second transmitter i.e. Mobile Relay Shu. Once done, head to the next navpoint in the Presson Dunes.

After defeating the enemies, shut the Kett generator down and scan the third transmitter named Mobile Relay Zal. From there, head to Blackrock Tande and follow the navpoint into the barracks after dealing with the enemies.

Your next job is to raid the container at the next navpoin. Listen to an audio log on the desk followed by interacting with the console on the right-hand side wall to speak with Primus. In order to complete the secondary op, all you need to is to agree to her terms.

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