Mass Effect Andromeda Development Seems to be Going Great

Its been two years since Bioware revealed Mass Effect Andromeda, but the developer has not yet shown any gameplay trailer for the game. Fans were also expecting a look of how Mass Effect Andromeda is shaping up at EA Play, but even then fans only got a behind the scenes look.

However, the development on Mass Effect Andromeda is going great, as the developer has updated fans on the progress of the development. The producer of Mass Effect Andromeda, Michael Gamble, tweeted that game’s development is going great.

In his Tweet Gamble said that the developers has reviewed another level of the game, which was very unique in terms of art and direction.

Mass Effect Andromeda will also feature a different morality system and will be moving away from paragon/renegade system of moralities that were used in the first three Mass Effect games.

For those who don’t know, paragon/renegade system was a way in Mass Effect trilogy to determine the good and bad, however, it is rather an extreme system with nothing to go between the good and bad. Mac Walters, the creative director at Bioware revealed that the team has opted for an open approach with some shades of grey between the black and white.

Recently, BioWare Studio Head Aaryon Flynn hinted towards gameplay reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda, saying that there will be a right time to reveal the gameplay and other details.

If this statement is any indication, then probably we will see the the reveal by the end of this year after other major EA titles, like Battlefield 1, has released.

Mass Effect will break from its core audience and will appeal to other gamers as well, according to EA’s chief executive officer Andrew Wilson.

However, this statement has fans worried that EA is targeting casual gamers, and will water down the experience for the casual gamers.

No release date has been announced for Mass Effect Andromeda, the game will release some time in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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