Mass Effect Andromeda Credits Farming Guide

Credits in Mass Effect Andromeda are required to purchase weapons, armor, and items from vendors. You don’t start the game without a whole lot of credits at your disposal but they aren’t hard to come by. In our Mass Effect Andromeda Credits Farming, we’ve detailed some of the most efficient methods of farming credits in the game.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Credits Farming

In our Mass Effect Andromeda Credits Farming, we’ve detailed some of the most efficient methods of farming credits in the game.

Method #1

In addition to main missions, you’ll come across several side missions and additional tasks. A whole lot of them. Completing these operations is optional but I recommend doing so because of the rewards they offer.

A majority of these optional operations will reward you with XP but a few of them will reward a small sum of credits. Moreover, almost all of these optional missions are pretty fun. Why not give them a try?

Method #2

You can send your Strike Team on missions and earn credits in return. It’s important to note that you won’t always receive credits but don’t let it stop you from attempting them.

The amount of credits you receive from these missions primarily depends on the overall difficulty of a mission. The harder a mission, the higher the reward – as simple as that!

Method #3

During your journey through the galaxy, you’ll stumble upon a variety of items including weapons, armor, and a few different items that fall into a category called Salvage.

These items can’t be used or equipped and can only be used in crafting. The entire galaxy is filled with materials that you can use for crafting. Therefore, if you’re in need for some quick credits, don’t shy away from selling these items for a hefty sum.

At worst, you won’t have these items if you need to craft a particular item but you can always find more. We can also help! Check out our Crafting Materials Locations Guide to farm these items indefinitely.

Credits Farming Method #4

In addition to Salvage, you’ll also come across a multitude of treasure chests hidden across the galaxy – inside buildings and/or out there in plain sight. A vast majority of items found inside these chests are not worth the effort but a few are simply invaluable.

These items can be sold for a massive amount of credits. Due to this reason alone, make sure to scan everything you possibly can and open these treasure chests. I also suggest having the Reconnaissance Cryo Pod in order to find these treasures easily.

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