Mass Effect Andromeda Could’ve Been Called Mass Effect Beyond

Mass Effect Andromeda developer reveals that they had almost titled the game Mass Effect Beyond.

The next Mass Effect game is official now, it i not called Mass Effect 4 but Mass Effect Andromeda however, it could have been named something altogether different.

The Senior Development Director for Mass Effect Andromeda, Chris Wynn has been pretty active on his Twitter account and he has been using it to keep the fans updated with the game as well as for the usual marketing gimmicks like sharing bread crumbs of information.

The latest bit of information that he dropped relates to the name of the upcoming Mass Effect game. Whether you like it or not, Bioware was almost ready to officially call it Mass Effect Beyond.

While this sounds a little less colorful to me than Andromeda, we would like to hear which one do you like better.

That being said, Wynn revealed this while talking about Star Trek Beyond, the new movie in the insanely popular series. Alongside a link to a story regarding the new movie, he added “we almost used the same name, that would have been awkward.”

Well yeah, having a massive movie and a massive game have names that sound too similar would have given the impression that the developers were not feeling too creative when choosing names. Don’t you think?

In parallel news we have covered that Mass Effect Andromeda is expected to have some ridiculously cool weather effects, and how it is a good mix of interesting characters and storytelling.

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