Mass Effect Andromeda A People Divided Guide

In our Mass Effect Andromeda A People Divided Quest Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing this quest with our easy-to-follow walkthrough tips.

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Mass Effect Andromeda A People Divided

This secondary quest unlocks after the completion of ‘Murder in Kadara Port’. To start the mission, you need to speak with Reyes in Kadara Slums Bar.

After speaking to Reyes, head over to the crime scene which is on the west side of kadara port. The area overlooks the future site of the Initiative Outpost. Once inside, contact with Reyes to learn about Zear.

Once done, scan the area to find blood, footprints, and a dead krogan. Contact Reyes once again and present your theory. You also need to scan the footlockers in the back of the room along with a frying pan on the ground.

In addition to these, you also need to scan the footprints on the front porch and knife on the crate. Once done, meet Reyes on the designated point and head inside the outpost.

You won’t find Reyes anywhere inside the outpost but you’ll be forced to meet with roekaar leader. In the middle of the discussion, Reyes will spoil the party and charge in with guns blazing. The entire battle is as simple as it can get!

There are a lot of places for cover so make sure to end the battle quickly. After the battle, head to the stairs where Reyes will stop to talk for a while. This is your opportunity to start flirting with Reyes if you wish to do so. Either way, make your choice and collect some goodies from the cave if you want!

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