Mass Effect Andromeda A Lost Sister Guide

Our Mass Effect Andromeda A Lost Sister quest guide is here to help you complete this secondary quest with our easy-to-follow walkthrough.

To unlock A Lost Sister, you need to complete ‘Helping Havarl’s Scientists’ and speak to Sage Amurd at the top of Mithrava Tower during ‘A Dying Planet’.

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Mass Effect Andromeda A Lost Sister

One of the settlements in Havari is Mithrava where Elder Armurd is located. Unlocking the settlement is an objective of A Dying Planet.

After speaking with Sage Amurd at the top of the sanctuary to learn more about Amara and why she moved away from Daar Pelaav when it was overtaken by the jungle.

Once done, head over to Old Pelaav and inside the south building. You need to get to the registry to find more about the whereabouts of his sister.

Before using the Angaran database inside, you must restore the power. To do so, exit the building and use your scanner to find the generator. Activate the generator followed by accessing the database.

After seeing a holographic image of Amara on the left-hand side of the database, return to Amurd to share the news of Amara’s whereabouts. You should be able to use the forward station to move to the area.

After arriving at Mithrava, tell Amurd everything you learnt about Amara and hand him the data drive in order to conclude the quest. At the end, advise Amurd whether he should stay in Mithrava or embark on a journey to visit his sister.

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