Mass Effect Andromeda Features HDR Support For All Platforms

BioWare has been silent about the Mass Effect line for some time now but the Mass Effect Andromeda title is just around the corner and as the release comes closer we are getting more and more details. We talked about how there will be no season pass for Mass Effect Andromeda and there will be micro-transactions in the game. We have now learned that Mass Effect Andromeda will feature HDR support for all platforms.

Mass Effect Andromeda

It was made clear on Twitter that the game will support HDR on the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC. This had made plenty of fans happy but there are those that will not be affected by this new feature as many people do not own displays that support HDR.

HDR monitors and displays are still relatively new but they will become the new standard as more people try them out and see what this new tech is all about.

Mass Effect Andromeda

HDR support will add to the realistic Mass Effect experience. HDR market is a niche but we know that 4K displays prices are dropping and as previous generation consoles are being replaced with Xbox Ones and PS4 Pros it is more likely that people will be considering HDR from now on.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this upcoming title and people all over the world are excited about this. The series has a lot to live up to and we will have to see how it ends up being like.

Regardless of whether or not you use the HDR support or not, Mass Effect Andromeda will be a hit when it comes out. So stay tuned for more. What do you think about HDR support coming to Mass Effect Andromeda?

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