Mass Effect Andromda My Face is Tired Scene; Pre and Post-Patch Video Comparison Shows Significant Change

Mass Effect Andromeda my face is tired scene has become internet meme due to the horrible writing and facial animations. While they won’t be changing what the characters say but they have made some improvements to the game’s facial animations.

Throughout Mass Effect Andromeda Bioware has made significant improvements to the facial animations. The most prominent example is indeed the “my face is tried” scene from the game. The video above shows a brief comparison of the scene; both pre and post patch versions.

The movement of the eyes, as well as the facial expressions, are much natural after patch 1.05. However, Ryder is still struggling a little but overall this update is a good indication that notable improvements can and will be made.

What’s odd is that whenever you take a look at the video comparison you wonder why Bioware didn’t do this during development? According to a recent report, developer allegedly heavily relied on a technology called “CyberScan.” The tech allows developers to directly scan humans into the game and while most developers using this tech would later touch up the scans before finalizing, Bioware directly moved the scans from Cyberscan to Andromeda.

Reportedly, executives went out of their way to stop animators from touching these scans. Of course, these are just unofficial reports and Bioware may never come clear over what really went wrong.

There seem to be budget shortages and they probably outsourced to a smaller studio for facial animations. One can only hope they will learn from this for their future projects.

Mass Effect Andromeda is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

What do you think of the improvements made to the animations? Mass Effect Andromeda my face is tired scene looks much better, doesn’t it?

Source: YouTube

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